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Messalonskee Middle School Reviews

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For a middle school it was pretty great. The more you excelled in class the higher you went up in your courses and were able to excel taking classes at the high school.
The high school is great when it comes to emergency events, performing many lockdowns and fire drills to prepare students in case of emergency. Our school resource officer is constantly working to make sure that the school is safe and our principle Jon Moody is constantly working with Oakland PD and our resource officer to find ways of getting better at their safety actions.
The opportunities that the high school offers are outstanding. From the music department to the foreign language and history departments there are many chances for students to take and travel, and perform at. My sophomore year I was able to travel with our choruses select group to Disney World and perform at Epcot with my peers for hundreds of people. I also was offered the opportunity for another chance to travel this year, my senior year to NYC. At NYC in May I will be traveling again with my choir and sing at the very well known venue, Carnegie Hall. Not only through music do you get oppurtunities to travel but we also have the chance to travel the world with our teachers to many different countries such as Greece, Italy, Germany and Spain to name a few. All academic purposes to expose students to the raw language of the different countries visiting historical places and cities; giving chances to visit Amsterdam and actually feel and see holocaust camps and first on see what happened at the camps, to visiting Spain and speaking one on one with people from Spain whose first language is Spanish. Messalonskee has so many opportunities both supported by administration and after school programs.
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My experience at Messalonskee has been very welcoming and loving.
Messalonskee High School is a wonderful school with caring faculty, welcoming peers and is all around a very knowledgable school. Our school has experienced many losses in our class over the past year, but honestly it has created such a more loving community and has brought all of our school much closer and as one. Loosing two students who were a year ahead of me and also in my graduating class was very tough and hit home because I was close to both students. It brought us together though by group assemblies and our school made sure that supported us and gave counseling to those who were willing to take it. Messalonskee has made our town close and together they helped the community to heal and come together as one. Outside of the tragic experiences there were many upsides of being a student at the high school has been extremely rewarding with the opportunities that we are offered from our musical aspect being able to travel to NYC and Orlando Fl to perform for large groups of people.
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