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Messalonksee High School offered me a knew home after moving school districts following my eighth grade year. I connected with multiple math and english teachers who I respect as role models not only in the classroom, but in the community. The science department was slightly less suitable to my style of learning, but even then they were not harmful to my overall education. The staff was actively involved with student life regarding clubs, performances, and sports, and I feel adequately prepared heading into college with the foundation of knowledge I have in varying areas of study. Along with this, I have had a great experience with the athletic department during my four years competing as a varsity athlete. The student support for a wide range of athletic events makes competition more exciting and rewarding.
The academic aspect of the school is great but the environment itself could use a little work, as it needs updates to the utilities other than the new sports complex. Across the board, the staff is also greay and they provide a positive learning environment for the students and are passionate about what they do.
Messalonskee High School has an amazing athletics program and has seen great success over the years. There is also a notable theater and music program that is popular. The students at Messalonskee take great pride in the school as seen during Homecoming Week, sporting events, and Spring Fling. The academics are decent and teachers do put effort into their teaching for the most part. The school is not diverse at all, however, but that primarily has to do with the state of Maine in itself.
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A community is a good descriptor for the overall Messalonskee experience, as there are a variety of different ways to play your part in the community. Like any high school, you have various sports to play and numerous after-school clubs; but its what you do within these clubs and teams that shines through the most looking back. These groups can interact with each other in unexpected ways from overall fundraising to the advertisement of local businesses that, in turn, contribute to the school. Notable events brought to the forefront would be the homecoming football games, theatrical productions, and concerts. With life's detours and bumps, Messalonskee High School left me with positive and foundational learning experiences that have applied now and, in my opinion, long after I'm done with college.
The teachers, administration, and coaches were highly qualified, extremely caring and very supportive individuals. I felt that I could share personal thoughts and perspectives and be given honest advice and criticism. My time there truly prepared me for college.
Nice people, Good Environment, Great Location. I am currently a member of the student body at Messalonskee High school and the arts program is by far one of the best qualities at this school.
I have loved my experience at Messalonskee. I have been able to take awesome classes with some great teachers, as well as college classes at the local community college. I have made many bonds through extracurriculars and been encouraged by teachers to always do my best.
Very good school. Teachers are very well plugged into today's young adult culture. They use real life examples in their teaching methods which seems to connect with the students. This school does suffer from a bit of expansion exhaustion. Student population has grown substantially in the past 3 yrs and some services like guidance counselor are really lacking.
Nice small town school without too much drama. Students are friendly and the education giving is good quality. There is a much needed upgrade to athletic facilities however. Overall Messo is a great learning environment and pushes its students to succeed.
Messalonskee is a very average, but not bad high school. It's better than some of the other high schools in the area, and I know I'm getting the education I need.
The school itself is great, some teachers are more helpful than others, but they're mostly all great also. My only problem with the school was the lack to intervene with students who were being harassed, whether it be sexually or just plain bullying. The office at least does close to nothing about anything reported, mostly just brushes it aside and believes the student is making it all up.
Messalonskee is a great school because the class selection is so diverse and the teachers are great! There are many different classes that a student can sign up for and it is awesome that there is such a wide range of things that we can learn about. The teachers I had at Messalonskee were wonderful! Most of the teachers were enthusiastic about the material they were teaching and it really helped to make learning much more enjoyable. The only thing I would like to see change at Messalonskee is possibly have more interactive activities between the students in order to create an even closer bond. This could be through field trips or through classroom games every once and a while.
Messalonskee High School has good teachers, plenty of interesting elective classes, lots of clubs and sports. Messalonskee lacks diversity and students are not very informed about what classes they may want to take if they plan to go to college.
Messalonskee was very good at helping me get where I need to be after I transferred there. They helped me figure out what I needed to do to get into college and they are very welcoming to everybody
Messalonskee High is a very good school with active students and knowledgeable teachers and staff. Not only do they offer a variety of courses for students, but they have teachers there that can help their students learn. The school isn't very large, and there usually isn't more than twenty students in a classroom at one time.
They have a very good music program, and sports are very big there. The atmosphere is very inviting and warm. There are many different sports at the school that you can play or participate in one way or another such as football, basketball, field hockey, and soccer. They also have a lot of clubs at the school like the drama club and the robotics team. The school is overall a great place to finish out your four years of high school.
The academics are very good but they offer no honors classes. There's a bunch of different clubs but what really stands out is the music department. Mr and Mrs. Rhein are the nicest and most hardworking teachers I've ever had. I'm also involved with an all female choral group. We've been able to preform at both Carnegie Hall and Disney World through fundraising. The problem is guidance. The receptionist in guidance is always very rude to students and isn't helpful at all. I'm pretty sure I've had a bad experience with her every time I've gone in there. It's very hard to switch counselors once you're assigned one. My counselor didn't sign me up for any of the classes I requested and repeatedly messed up my schedule. In order to go to the tech center to take a mass media class, I had to take an online class because they made a new rule that we needed four social studies credits. There are some downsides but I believe it's really a great school compared to other schools in ME.
I loved all of the academic opportunities Messalonskee provided not only to me, but to all students. I am currently spending the remainder of my senior year taking college courses provided free by the district.
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I wouldn't say my experience was horrible, but not as good as I wanted it to be. I feel like some of my classes did not challenge me enough or prepare me for college. I enjoyed many of the teachers, but some were just not good. I would call some of them lazy and did not really care if we learned the information or not. He/she just wanted a pay-check for "working."
Messalonskee High has some great teachers and options for classes get larger and larger every year. Students really get to pick what they want. This school has plenty of sports, and after school activities to get involved with!
I think that Messalonskee is a pretty good school. I would like to see more support in the science department, especially in the first few years of high school, and the guidance office needs a bit of improvement with how they do scheduling. Other than that, it's a great place!
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