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Mesquite High School is a good place to get your education. I am part of three different clubs in the school and is amazing the experience you get.
My four years at Mesquite High School, have been the most unique experiences in my life. It has shaped me into the very person I am today.
Mesquite High School has great academics, and teachers how genuinely care about their students well being, and especially in honors, and AP classes. Sure they were the most difficult thing about high school, but I learned how to manage the work load.
There are also plenty of clubs and organizations which you can expect in a typical high school environment. I joined multiplr clubs in my senior year, and my only regret is not joining when I was a freshman.
The school as a whole is old, but they began to remodel and add new facilities and buildings. It is a large school with around 3000 students. You can get lost in the croud and be unnoticed, but eventually you will find a group which you can feel comtorble with
I loved the staff. They were always so helpful especially when it came to our future. The students became more like family then just friends. We all grew together for four years.
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Mesquite High School has been such an enjoyable experience so far. The teachers truly care about their students and the students themselves help one another all the time. The school as a whole try to support one another as much as they can even through everything we had all been through in the last 2 years. At Mesquite High School, we are more than just students. We are a family.
I like it. I feel a presence of genuine mutual respect. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school.
I like that there is a lot of clubs and activities to get involved in. The facility always encourages us to get involved. I do wish that they would get us more prepared for college. There is so much stuff to go into actually being ready for college. They tell us that they expect us all to go to college, yet they aren't really helping us
The school itself and everything about it was great. It had a great environment, with good teachers and staff members who helped a lot. Also loved the sports teas and the school spirit, mainly cuz I played a sport in this school too.
Mesquite High School has the best variety of clubs. From theater to academics, there's bound to be a club for any student. It's just a shame that most students never even seek to join a club.
My experience with Mesquite High School was a pretty good one. Getting involved is a great way to make friends. Food was ehh but that's typical of public school foods. Careful of people who are in the top percentage of the class though. They are rank hungry.
I liked the school spirit and how the school encourages students to pursue a college education. The administrators push the students to complete college and scholarship applications, even FAFSA applications.
Mesquite High School was a great experience within my 4 years of attending. I love Mr. Samples, He really cared about all of the students. Through the rough times and the tragedies that took place at our school Mr. Samples really took the time out to make sure all the kids were okay and if any needed help he got them the proper care they needed,
I loved that I was able to make strong connections with a lot of my teachers and be apart of the tradition.
Most kids at my school would say that Mesquite High school is okay,but for me it was a lifetime experience that I will cherish in my heart forever. The memories I created, the teachers I met, and friendships that were made are just a small part of what Mesquite high gave me. I will always be proud to be a skeeter and forever will show school spirit! Love this school so much can only thank God for this opportunity!
They mostly cared about you passing your STAAR and applying for college somewhere. They're more focused on your future rather than doing that and making sure you actually learn something.
Life lessons in this school that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Overall the school was cool the teachers wanted the students to learn and become better as a whole. The crowd you hung out with is really what determined what type of lessons you would learn from others. The school district could have helped the students with learning life skills such as paying bills, getting a house, etc.
Many teachers actually care about you and want to see you grow and become successful. They go a little overboard about dress code and minor situations. I feel like they should keep the same energy throughout the year
Its a good school with good teachers. There's no outstanding factor about it but there is also nothing bad that i hate about it. I am a current senior that's going to graduate in may and i have had some good years here.
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After spending four years at Mesquite High School, I think it would be an understatement if I were to call it an average high school experience. Yes, the school does have its minor flaws concerning the state of the food they give and how strict the rules are concerning hats and headphones. But all of that is shadowed by the wonderful teachers and friends I’ve met over the years, the joyful experience of being around those who actually have school spirit and love for eachother. Although the education system needs a little work, the classes are fun if the students makes it so and hopefully this school will continue to educate the wonderful minds it has in stored in the upcoming generation.
Attending Mesquite HighSchool was one of the most fun filled time of my life so far. The connection that I build there were many and the teachers were very supportive and encouraging. The teachers and faculty treated us as if we were a family and were always there if we needed them.
If you are looking for a place to call home, then enroll in Mesquite high school. Not only are the teachers caring, but the principal is like a caring father to us all. Many initiatives have been given to provide the students with more than enough reasons to participate in the school. The schools UIL teams, academic and musical education, has ranked high every year compared to others in the district. The school is home to Stormy the Skeeter, the mascot who welcomes you on your way into the school. The school also goes above and beyond to assure a transition to higher education or trade school of sorts. So why join Mesquite High School, because we have the best school spirit win or lose. We bleed maroon!
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