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I like that Mesquite High School has teachers who really care about your success and your goals. They will put a lot of their work aside just to help you. It really feels like they care and want to see you succeed.
I like how the teachers try to make learning more fun and interesting and stray away from old boring teaching. I do wish the teachers would listen to the students more and would take into consideration, the fact some students have after school activities or during school mandatory events and they should be given less homework.
There are some wonderful classes and many of the teachers there, care a lot much so about your future and your education. The theatre program is a great one to be taught in the formal theatre practices.
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My experience at Mesquite varied each year, depending on my different teachers, but overall I would say mediocre to say the least. The sports department was a mess, being that year-long sports such as cheer were disregarded and underappreciated, the counseling office took forever to do anything, and the administration is a joke.
Our school has almost no money because of the poor spending choices. For example, instead of investing into better teaching and more teachers, they book laptops for the students. They bought the cheapest laptops and blocked almost every single website on google. We can barley do projects because all the websites are blocked. There is also like 35 students in every class so it makes for a tight learning environment.
In my four year experience, Mesquite High School has been the best high school I have been to. During my freshman year, I attend ASU Polyptechnic Academy and Williams Field High School, which I did not have a good experience with. At Mesquite I felt welcomed and that I belonged here, I did not feel this at my other schools.
Without a doubt, Mesquite High will hold a permanent spot in my heart. At the age of fourteen, I walked through the foyer for the first time- confident in my identity but inquisitive about who I would become after this four year journey. Prior to my first day, my mother raved about the beauty of high school and the opportunity to indulge in priceless knowledge and youthful oblivion. She encouraged me to make this time count because I would remember and cherish it forever. Wholeheartedly, the MHS student body and teaching staff welcomed me into the wildcat family. I’ve met people I will know for the rest of my life and I’m grateful for the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired throughout my time at MHS. Once a wildcat, always a wildcat!
No problems with faculty or staff. Teachers care about their students and are very generous. Counselors are there for students when needed. Only problem is the security guards can be disrespectful at times and it is off putting for the students learning environment.
After 4 years at Mesquite High School I am saddened to leave. Mesquite has been nothing but educational and fun for me. I am going to miss all the experiences I have received there including the awesome pep assemblies, friendly teachers, and student involvement.
Mesquite has a variety of different teachers ranging from amazing to downright horrible. Some teachers embody the perfect educator and go to school everyday with a smile on their face. Other teachers and administrators look like it is a bother to even be at the school which can make it difficult for the students to enjoy being there.
mesquite is awesome and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. I have created not only a bond with so many fellow students but bonds with teachers, security guards, and other staff members. I really love the size, the curriculum, the people, the teachers. 10/10 would recommend.
Being an alumni from mesquite high school I have experienced 4 years altogether. I enjoyed my experience and have had some awesome teachers and some not so great teachers. Overall it’s pretty average, but I will say there is a lot of diversity. When I attended this school, I didn’t feel as if there were cliques, but everyone generally got along.
Very good school with strong academic classes. Great counselors and most of the teachers are excellent. The school provided a survey for parents and improved so much academically based on the parents responses to the surveys. Great coaches also, they provide create clubs led by excellent caring teachers. School is very organized and also the principal and administrators are professionals and care about the school safety and strong academics. Friendly front office staff.
I feel like mesquite was just like how you would expect any other high school to be. I was on cheer and that sucked because they didn’t care about who the coach was so we got someone who wasn’t qualified and the sports director told us in person he doesn’t care about cheer so he wasn’t going to put any effort to find a good coach. Classes were good, pretty basic. The councilors were not very involved with helping juniors and seniors become college ready.
Mesquite is a great place to go to high school. It has it's problems, just like every other public high school does. However, it is diverse, the school spirit is strong, and the community is close-knit.
I enjoyed my time here. The four years absolutely flew by. All the teachers I had were really nice and helped me understand the material.
Mesquite High School has provided me with the best high school experience I could have had. The teachers are amazing and have always pushed me to succeed. The counselors are understanding and incredibly helpful, people I could always rely on to get me through school. Going to Mesquite high really left it's mark and made me want to continue schooling to further my career.
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Mesquite High School was average at most things. There wasn't a ton of interesting things about it. We didn't have great sports teams and not a lot of clubs that got people involved in them. I don't think anyone referred to it as a great, fun school.
I received a decent education and opportunities from Mesquite, but there are other schools in the district that give a fuller education.
Mesquite High School offers an exciting academic opportunity. Students in my classes tend to be friendly and teachers are eager to help. One part of my experience I would wish to change would be the excitement of students getting involved in student activities. Not only through sporting events, but also through clubs.
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