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Being an alumni from mesquite high school I have experienced 4 years altogether. I enjoyed my experience and have had some awesome teachers and some not so great teachers. Overall it’s pretty average, but I will say there is a lot of diversity. When I attended this school, I didn’t feel as if there were cliques, but everyone generally got along.
Very good school with strong academic classes. Great counselors and most of the teachers are excellent. The school provided a survey for parents and improved so much academically based on the parents responses to the surveys. Great coaches also, they provide create clubs led by excellent caring teachers. School is very organized and also the principal and administrators are professionals and care about the school safety and strong academics. Friendly front office staff.
I feel like mesquite was just like how you would expect any other high school to be. I was on cheer and that sucked because they didn’t care about who the coach was so we got someone who wasn’t qualified and the sports director told us in person he doesn’t care about cheer so he wasn’t going to put any effort to find a good coach. Classes were good, pretty basic. The councilors were not very involved with helping juniors and seniors become college ready.
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Mesquite is a great place to go to high school. It has it's problems, just like every other public high school does. However, it is diverse, the school spirit is strong, and the community is close-knit.
I enjoyed my time here. The four years absolutely flew by. All the teachers I had were really nice and helped me understand the material.
Mesquite High School has provided me with the best high school experience I could have had. The teachers are amazing and have always pushed me to succeed. The counselors are understanding and incredibly helpful, people I could always rely on to get me through school. Going to Mesquite high really left it's mark and made me want to continue schooling to further my career.
Mesquite High School was average at most things. There wasn't a ton of interesting things about it. We didn't have great sports teams and not a lot of clubs that got people involved in them. I don't think anyone referred to it as a great, fun school.
I received a decent education and opportunities from Mesquite, but there are other schools in the district that give a fuller education.
Mesquite High School offers an exciting academic opportunity. Students in my classes tend to be friendly and teachers are eager to help. One part of my experience I would wish to change would be the excitement of students getting involved in student activities. Not only through sporting events, but also through clubs.
Mesquite High School was an awesome school to go to! The staff was awesome, the kids were friendly and I felt comfortable in my environment. Gilbert school district was recently rated top 5 in our country and we know why! Because of schools like Mesquite High School.
The staff is friendly, the courses are challenging, and the school is clean. I do wish the teachers would be more understanding about mental illnesses, but overall, the school is great.
I loved going to high school here! The school spirit is somewhat lacking but the teachers are (for the most part) all very cool and know what they are doing. Unfortunately many of the best teachers have left the district because of administrative issues but it's still great!
It's a good school. The teacher's are caring and wants us to succeed and have a great future. There are many fun electives to take. Students can join sports and clubs. Overall, I would recommend going here.
This is my first year attending this school and I absolutely love it. I’d recommend every parent sends their child here.
The teachers at mesquite really care about their student they want to see you succeed. They take the extra time to make sure you understand material and grasp concepts. They go beyond just making sure you are okay with your school work they want to know how your day is going how your family is doing. The staff at mesquite is very involved with their students! The campus is beautiful and the students make sure it stays that way. There is a volunteer club that goes around and picks up trash on campus and in surrounding neighborhoods I love that this teaches students the importances of environmental awareness. Peers are great with one another and try to make sure everyone is included. There are an abundance of clubs for every interest!
I love Mesquite High School because it’s a very peaceful, and everybody is so inviting, including the teachers.
Mesquite High is a great school that has taught me many things. Some things that were not very pleasant included the administration and some of my teacher that I had over the years.
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It's a great school to attend. I loved it! Definitely have a lot of great memories at Mesquite. I have a handful of staff that I love. Needs some improvements just like any school but it was a great experience.
I enjoy the people and atmosphere that Mesquite High School gives to students. It is a very safe and friendly place for everyone.
The teachers and employees who work at MHS are axceptional at their work and really care about their students.
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