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Mesquite Academy is one of the greatest high schools I ever been to by far. When I attended a regular high school with the regular bunch of students it was really hard to focus and get the proper education that I needed. Once I got to Mesquite Academy it was a much smaller school and contained a smaller amount of students in each class. Not only were the teachers very sweet and we always up for one-on-one help, they also never left you behind or made you feel uncomfortable in class. The principal was very understanding and was always concerned if you did not show up for school that day. Finally the councler was very helpful. She helped me set up my financial aid as well as helped me apply for college. After I finished all my classes for my senior year she continued to send me scholarship opportunities and job fairs. I would highly recommend Mesquite Academy for any high school student.
Mesquite Academy helped me achieve so much. I set a goal to graduate a whole year early and its now happening. The teachers are so helpful, kind and concerned. They literally do all they can to help you succeed and graduate. I really enjoyed this high school way better than my last one.
Everything is reasonable besides the strictness on dress code.
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The recycle team at Mesquite Academy is one of the most committed organizations that I have seen in a long time. Both students and faculty are involved with the team and do their best to make it as great as possible.
The peer pressure at Mesquite Academy is almost zero. There are no ethnic/racial or sexual challenges at the Mesquite Academy. There are students of almost every race there and do not fight with one another or separate themselves from other races.
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