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Mesorah High School for Girls Reviews

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Such an amazing school that really cultivates Jewish young girls into empowered, strong Jewish women. It prepares you not only for your academic future, but your future as a person
It is really amazing to see now the faculty works so hard to ensure that all students are happy, not just academically, but emotionally as well. Everyone is friends with everyone else, and the atmosphere of positivity is simply out of this world.
We are in an office building, so there are security guards at the front, a fool proof fire plan with regular drills, and daily custodians.
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While Mesorah has a small selection of extra curricular activities, including Mock Trial and School Newspaper, and the ones they do have allow their students to explore and excel, there are a very limited amount and the school rarely goes out of their way to accommodate them.
As an alumnus of Mesorah, I look back on my time there with mixed feelings. On the one hand, when I first began, I loved Mesorah and truly felt that it was an incredible school. The teachers were intelligent, passionate, and caring, the environment was warm and accepting, and the administration truly had the students' best interests at heart. As the years passed, however, things started changing. The priority seemed to shift from "helping our students grow and progress" to "cultivating a foundation of professionalism - even at the cost of the students' happiness." When we told the administration how we felt, we were accused of being ingrates. Despite this, I feel that I truly owe Mesorah a huge debt of gratitude, as they did do a tremendous amount for me and the rest of the student body in spite of our "altercation" about where their priorities lie. They do go above and beyond, and I do consider it a great school; I simply think that there are a few major problems that should be addressed if they want to return it to the incredible place that it was when I entered four years ago.
For the most part, teachers at Mesorah are really something else. They have an incredible grasp of their topic, a natural ability to impart information, and a genuine desire to touch their students. There are a few exceptions that really lower the academic caliber of the faculty and the students' respect for their teachers, but these are the minority. The one major complaint I do have is that most teachers only reach out and try to connect with the students who make the effort to connect with them, while the students who are too shy to approach the teachers without an opening are thrown by the wayside.
The teachers are amazing at Mesorah. They are there to help you in and outside of school. If you don't undersand something they will keep explaining it to you until you understand. They all look out for each student and if they see that a student is falling behind they wil help them and sometimes even pair them up with a student that they know will help them.
I go to an all girls Jewish High School. So I take Judaic and secular classes. The general studies classes have gotten better since I started in the high school.they havr a few AP classes offered but since we are such a small school it is hard. The Judaic studies are very good. The scheduling process is a bit hard due to a duel corricullum but it is good because you learn to manage multitasking. Most people like math class because our math texaher is amazing. In the Judaic studies classes most people like halaha, which is Jewish law on everyday life from eating to sleeping.
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