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I like Mesilla Valley Christian School because it's taught me to love learning new things. I feel 100% confident as I enter my college career soon. Not only do they
prepare me for college, but they've taught us how to continue being a strong Christian in today's lifestyle :)
My experience at this school was excellent. The teachers were not only interested in the students succeeds, they cared about the spiritual well being of the students. The environment was one of challenge and learning that would keep students excited and encouraged all the time.
The faculty is amazing, for the most part. There are a couple teachers who have a rough time teaching and the administration does not seem to do much about it. However, like I said, there have been just a couple. For the most part the school is wonderful. The teachers truly care for their students and are always happy to help in whatever way the student needs. The school has been fortunate to have wonderful coaches that consistently coach their teams to State in (boys) basketball, football, and (girls) volleyball. There are not many clubs for students to join due to the fact that it is a small school, but because it is small provides the opportunity for the students to become close with one another.
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I have truly enjoyed my experience at MVCS. I have attended MVCS since kindergarten. I have had the greatest teachers to learn from!
I have gone to MVCS since I was in kindergarten. I don't know anything else, but I am glad I got the opportunity to attend this school for all of these years. I love that it is a small school where I can get to create relationships with my teachers and classmates. I love that I can know everyone and that I can be an influence to even the elementary students. I also love how even in elementary I was able to be involved and watch the high school sports teams.
No problem here--only incident was with teacher who kept telling my son he was destined to hell because he wasn't following his personal biblical teachings--many of which I as a parent have a problem with his interpretation.
Very small school with limited activites
The school is severely under funded and many teachers don't really care.
As a student we did drills and would receive different lectures about certain topics regarding bullying, volunteering, safe sex, and other high school related topics.
Athletes are definitely less exposed to college recruits than the public school counterparts.
Though the community of Las Cruces did not always support Mesilla Valley Christian Schools, I did like going to school there. Some people say it is a sheltered environment and I would agree with them because we were sheltered against drugs and violence and I consider that a positive experience.
I firmly believe that the teachers at Mesilla Valley Christian Schools genuinely care for each of their students and want them to succeed.
There's really not much go do except sports. Sports are great here and the school spirit is really incredible because the friendships are all throughout the ages and we are very fair and have great sportsmanship.
The administration the past few years has fallen but this year we got a new superintendent and many things have improved immensely. Some decisions are questionable but overall decisions being made are the right ones. Faculty and staff have a lot of input as well so that's helpful because we as students can talk to our teachers about it and they respect our opinions enough to hold onto them.
Our teachers put In a great effort to help students and be there for them not only academically but also within our personal lives. Our diversity of teachers helps certain students relate and create friendships over many years with the teachers. They are truly great people and almost second parents to us. They really do give us a great education and put out so much effort
Its hard to get in the scene with some students because they've been together for so long but as we grow older and closer it becomes easier and we mature. We have become easier to talk to as a class and a family and only want to help other students with their faith and even school work and relationships.
Our school cares about our health and well being and I think they do a great job at caring for us
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The snack bar is average. Not healthy, not unhealthy. Honestly nothing special.
Although we may not have our own facilities, the school has always made an effort to rent out fields for games and try to maintain our little field for practices. Sports is one thing that the entire school gets pumped about. Almost every year we win a state title in one of the sports offered.
It is not that the extracurriculars are so horrible, it is just hard to get the students motivated to get involved. MVCS has tried to start new organizations many times but they usually get cancelled due to lack of involvement.
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