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Mesick Consolidated Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I started off going to Mesick due to bullying issues at my elementary school. When I got there, things started off okay but soon took a nosedive. By high school, there were many bullying issues with other students that weren't being taken care of. The administration was not taking these incidents seriously.
It was an ok experience, I made alot of friends and got along with the teachers. The food wasn't the greatest but what schools food is great anyways
I enjoyed the school environment at Mesick, you can tell that the teachers (most of them) really care about their students and want them to better themselves. The academics were pretty easy to understand as long as you put in the work and most teachers know what methods to use to engage their students. However, the school is falling apart and needs some major upgrades. The parents aren't very involved within the school and that makes for unmotivated and frankly rude students who disrespect the teachers.
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I liked the smallness of my high school. I knew everybody and everybody knew me. I had a personal connection with all of my teachers and had a lot of friends. I would like to see a change in the poverty of the community. It limits the amount that students can get involved.
The athletics aren't the best, but the band is very great, and is a very prideful group to be in.
This small school had such a great impact on me. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
For me, all the teachers I had were very helpful and easy to talk to.
My school tries different activities to keep all the students involved and the past two years we have gotten more involved with class wars and spirit week which I absolutely love to get involved. We add a new thing for our snowball week by doing a half day of school and doing activities in the snow or inside playing games, karaoke, basketball or any fun game in the gym. We had sledding, hiking, snow football, snow kickball which is what I did and it was really fun. Then after a couple of hours for that last half hour we did a bonfire and hot chocolate. we hoping to keep these new changes going because matter a fact that students that normally don't participate were participating. I like this because its small and everybody fits in no matter how different you may be. Wouldn't change it if I could start all over.
I go to a very small school and there we have had to lay off teachers and reduce some staff in that past couple of years. Most of the teachers that I see everyday and work with struggle with trying to get students to work. Some teachers just don't have patience and can loose their temper really quick. We don't really have good consequences when something happens. Its mainly first offence talk with principle, second offense call home, third offense in or out school suspension. Most of my teachers have different ways of getting their students to work and open up themselves a little more by talking to them a little more and sometimes working with them individual. Breaking down the information into a simpler form and sometimes having the students struggle a little more go down to work with the Special ED. room where they can work without any distractions. The consistency of the grading style is okay and needs to be improved greatly. Some teachers take forever to grade papers and sometimes the weight will fall onto a teacher and adds a lot of pressure on them to finish that night or that weekend.
No child should have to wear there winter jacket all day in every class just to stay warm, and that is how it is in this school...
Needs more attention given to reduce germ/disease risks.
If you the parent of any student is employed by Mesick School District the discipline is different for their student/individual versus the student that does not have family member employed by the district or part of the local beer drinking club...
I would not choose this school ever again. Our family has had several opportunities to be part of other districts and are very ashamed to have settled in this particular location. Due to small size which should be an educational benefit is only to your child's advantage if the parent works within the school system or is part of the local beer drinking-club.
If you relocate here and expect your child to participate equally and/or fairly DO NOT expect it. Students are played based on social status within the staff/community versus actual skills for the "activities"....
Coming from different community and relocating here has been challenge. Not so much in the Elementary but definitely into the High School. As my child grows and gets further along with his/her education, I sometimes sincerely wish we had done our homework before moving into this community.
We have very understanding teachers who trust the students with resources
At our school there is a lot of opportunities to be involved in a sport of some kind
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School is usually a safe place and they punish those who try and make it unsafe
I absolutely love all of my teachers
The school is very strict on what kind of pants we were like leggings and skirts
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