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Mesabi East Secondary School Reviews

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As it is my final year at Mesabi East High School, I would like to reflect on the time I have here. My school is a K-12 school. Kids from about five different communities attend school here at Mesabi East. I was ablate make so many wonderful friends here. Mesabi East also gave me the opportunity to participate in sports; I played hockey and volleyball. I gained so many skills through both my sports; such as working well with others, being respectful when things aren't going my way, communication skills, as well people skills. I learned to never give up and to always work my hardest. Mesabi East is such a small school in a very tight-knit community. Our staff and community worked hard to make sure we got a good education and that we had all available resources. The teachers are very involved and care a lot about the students well being. My time here at Mesabi East has been nothing but good!
At Mesabi East High School there is very many people who are caring, and they show you that they care. When you are struggling with homework, or even having a bad day with your family or friends they will talk with you. If your walking down the hallway you feel welcome and surrounded by many good and caring people. Everyone always has a smile on there face or can put one on yours. The environment around Mesabi East is well put together. The staff works with you to get the needs you want. They take your advice on improving classrooms or the library, etc.
I have had a pretty good experience at Mesabi East. I love the people in my grade and it has been a lot of fun over. When it comes to academics, they are pretty good. There are some teachers that I would change because they are not the best at the subjects they teach. The sports teams are not good, which is kind of sad. It is a very nice school though. Our guidance counselor has not helped us seniors whatsoever in getting ready for the ACT or college. We have had to do everything on our own, which is pretty rough when you do not know what you are doing. Besides some of the rough aspects, I really do like my school and the people in it.
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I have been going to Mesabi East my entire life, this school has taught me a lot of things that I am going to use in some of my everyday life. Mesabi East does not have a bunch of college class oppurtunities like other schools but it does have some. It also gives students the opportunity to be involved in PSEO which allows you to take college classes while still attending highschool. I have played sport the entire time I was in this school and had a lot of fun thanks to the coach’s and supporters.
Decent school and pretty nice facility. Staff could use improvements, and the sports complex (awaiting vote) would really help their lack of space and quality of athletic spaces.
There are many classes to take with a few that could be added it is easy to get in the class you want. It can set you on the right path for college.
There is many activities and everyone is very involved in the activities. The students love them and so do the teachers.
It has been very good I got good grades all the kids are fairly friendly and everyone gets along.
They are very good with the students, they get to know everyone and are very easy to get to know.
It has been a great experience. I have learned a lot over the years. We are very involved and have many clubs and activities to chose from.
When i was younger with all the drama i was once bullied but now that you get older, either things get better or you stop caring what others think of you. If there is ever an incident the school nurse is very helpful and for the most part this school is pretty safe.
The guidance counselor is okay at times but messes up frequently. The principal most of the time solves the problems that occur. The office staff is very nice as long as you are behaving. The dress code is moderately strict, obviously no short skirts/shorts, no contraband shirts, and no bare shoulders.
The school lunches here are more too heathy that they become disgusting. Theres not much of a variety to choose from and there isn't a lunch that is the BEST. But there are some pleasant meals if your pretty hungry.
There is a few teachers here that don't show that they care about the students but then there are some teachers that will see you in the hall and ask if your understanding the assignments. If a student were to ask for help the teachers would figure out a way to help them, in their prep hours or after/before school. Most of the teachers here know what they are doing and what they are teaching, but others are questionable.
The teachers that are employed at my school are very good at their jobs. Some of them are better then others but almost all care about their students, willing to stay after school or at any free times they have to assist with any questions on their homework. The teachers also don't give that much homework but when they do they go over the assignment well and their examples are like the problems that are on the homework.
For most of school, the only option you really have is to either eat what they're serving in the cafeteria or bring your own lunch, but after 9th grade, a la carte really expands choices. The senior high lunch, with a la carte, provides plenty of options for people with any type of diet.
We have a pretty wide variety of sports and a lot of students that are either active in sports or that use our new fitness center. Overall, I think that the amount of school spirit depends on how well our teams are doing. For example, this past year, the boy's basketball team wasn't very good and not many people showed up to the games, but when we went to state a few years ago, the gym was always packed with both student and adult fans.
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We've got really great clubs and activities. We've got Gaming Guild, Knowledge Bowl, and great sports teams.
We've got a pool, a fitness/weight room that is freely available to students and the community. Most of the students are on a sports team.
We live in a largely white community, but several of the students are gay. They're pretty accepted.
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