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Mesa Vista High School Reviews

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Mesa vista is a very small school with a close knit community. This school does not provide higher level classes such as ap but does have a very good support system for student.
I have went to Mesa Vista High School for the past 13 years and I have seen so much culture and have made many friends with both students and teachers. Even though the common core subjects were not always up to standards and the testing was detrimental, I still learned enough to pursue my dreams and move forward. The teachers made sure to let us know what is to come after high school and how to prepare for it. This may have been the only school I have started out with, but I would say it was a good school to start at.
Mesa Vista is a small school. For it being a small school they use their resources as much as possible. The teachers go beyond more for us to understand the lessons. The only things I would like to see change is the food served for breakfast and lunch. Another thing is administration and how to run it organized and efficient.
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My experience here was very shocking and hard to adjust too, I switched this year. Acedemic wise, it's good and different from my previous school. I'm learning quite a lot than normally.
The athletic and fitness opportunities at this school are average to other schools from what I have seen these past years. There is a lot of involvement with the basketball teams both girls and boys team. Their is always a lot of people showing school spirit for the Trojans.
They only offered a few extracurricular activities, many that I did not find appealing to join. They had clubs like FFA, MESA and Natural Helpers. I feel the y should have a wider variety of clubs available like art club, a woodworking club or even a culinary club.
High school was alright. I didn't really talk to too many people so my last year was great. No dram or having to deal with necessary issues. I absolutely loved that they had the Future Farmers of American organization. It helps student to grow as individuals and become more independent. It also gives students the opportunity to get scholarships. I would chose this school again because it was a calm environment to be in and my senior year was enjoyable.
After graduation I was prepared for college. I always got my homework done on time and tried to ask for help whenever I could. I knew that whatever I chose to do I should do my best and put my all into it. I felt pretty well prepared for "real life."
There are some very good teachers who are great at communicating with students, have great teaching styles, are knowledgeable etc. These are generally the teachers that have been there awhile. And then there are some that were very bad. They should not have even been teaching because they had poor communication with the students. They yelled at us. And then they did not teach the material thoroughly, but when we had questions they accused us of being stupid.
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