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I want to see the student to be more involve in the school. I like that Mesa Verde High School tries their best to make every single student to be successful, for example me I took the advantage to challenge myself as joining clubs, AP classes, clubs, and programs and took teachers advice so I could attend college or university.
It was a good school. The teachers were great. The clubs we're fun. The rallies were boring. That's it
It was a pretty good school, lots of resources available to help get into college. The teachers are pretty friendly and helpful, and there are many class options for students to explore.
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Mesa is a very nice diverse school. That isn't exactly, "close." I'm never scared of our safety at the school. But I wish there was better clubs and a way to be more involved. Best way I can describe these clubs is it feels raw like there isn't a whole lot going for it besides what you get. Nothing really stands out. We have an amazing quad area that maybe every -any day of the week- they set up tents to recruit and get people involved in more clubs or whatever they want. The academic is the real problem though. I have had a couple teachers where I didn't really feel I learned anything. My teacher gave us a program called Alex and that was it there wasnt a unique guide to it. It was like being homeschooled at a government funded school. It kind of felt like a waste of time. But other than that. My teachers were all amazing funny, very relatable, and they are very cooperative with students. Overall great teachers, bad management of talents.
The campus is very welcoming. There are no cliques that that “run” the school. It is high school so there is petty drama, but nothing crazy. The staff are really nice and helpful.
At Mesa Verde I feel welcomed, which is the most important part for me. The teachers are always there willing to help and provide a good environment.
I like the people of Mesa Verde High School more than anything else. The campus is average overall and only some of the teachers are great, but those who are make a big difference in the education experience. The diversity on campus is pretty great with strong minority representation and many cultural clubs on-campus also. The sports programs are just okay, but some of the teams like the basketball or volleyball teams are very competitive with other schools. The campus is also very safe snuggled in a suburban neighborhood.
What I liked about Mesa was the atmosphere. The students that attend or have attended, they’re very grounded and it’s not a “click” school. Students got along well, the teachers are very embedded in the students and the campus is beautiful. One thing I would like to see Mesa grow on is the school spirit and more positivity.
The students are inclusive and outgoing. My classmates are entertaining and I enjoy working them. However, some teachers have questionable policies and tactics when it comes to controlling their students.
As a current senior, I have seen Mesa Verde transform from a generic high school to a unique community that helps it's students to grow; even in the worst conditions. The food is awful, the funding is pitiful but the staff and the administration keep the school functioning and worth attending. Mesa Verde is surrounded by high schools that are better known, but those schools lack in the charisma Mesa Verde's teachers have as well as their dedication. Not only does the staff continue to support their students and peers, they work everyday to keep their school a safe place.
During my four years at Mesa i was very happy. The teachers were amazing and the peoiple were to. I made life long friendships. i dont have many complaints about the school other than the school food.
There are several well balanced teachers that are good at there jobs and many extra activities for the students to participate in. Although I couldn't rate it higher cause there is a drug problem and there are many teachers have favoritism issues. Not to mention the viloence problem
I like how Mesa Verde is a small school and everybody knows each other. There are no groupies or anything like that so that is cool. Mesa is friendly as a whole.
Overall my experience at Mesa Verde High School has been nothing, but a blast! And I mean that in a good way. I have stressed so much on my homework and quizzes, but Mesa has always been there to cheer me up. Plus the campus is beautiful and filled with lots of students who generally care about others. We have created a bully-free zone at school and it has help many people knowing that everybody is there for each other.
As my graduation date comes closer as the days go on, I am happy to have had spent it at Mesa Verde. The school itself is small and has under a thousand students and because of the this, the school has no major clicks, no big groups that separate everyone from one another. The teachers are respectful and the atmosphere is welcoming.
My favorite experience was joining sports teams, because of the hard work I would do in sports would transfer over in to my every day life such as getting better grades and having a better work ethic in general.
The over all quality was ok. I had an English teacher that didn't believe in taking quizzes or test because he thinks that is the worst way a student can learn about literature. Instead we had Reading projects and essays. In my opinion that's the way students should learn.
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Since Mesa Verde is on a block schedule it is like attending college. You take about 8 classes within a school year which means you can get ahead or if you failed you can retake it. Also, the teachers are very helpful when a student is in need of extra help.
At Mesa Verde high school almost every student is accepting. That is the biggest thing about Mesa Verde is that no one judges each other. Peer pressure isn't a big issue either because people aren't pushy.
Mesa Verde High school is known for their kindness to one another. There was hardly any bullying or the safety of the school was pretty good. Everyone was so nice to one another that special education kids were transferred from other schools to Mesa Verde.
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