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They gave good individual attention to the students, and made the learning experience somewhat enjoyable. But they did not do a very good job preparing them for college. Most of the students lacked a sense of direction of what they would do after high school
Mesa Valley Community School is a very unique school. I earned the credits a needed but I did not feel I had the help I needed at times. Overall I feel the school is great for some kids just not great for me. I went to MVCS for my sophomore and junior year of highschool. They gave me opportunities that I would not have in other schools. Over all a pretry good school.
Mesa Valley Community School is outstanding in its versatility. The program allows each high school student to construct his own learning experience from classes offered at the school itself, classes taken on one's own, and classes from other local or online schools. Mesa Valley supervises each opportunity and keeps track of the cumulative credits earned, as well as providing each student with a well-informed advisor who can guide the student toward options and specialized courses that will fit the unique individual. My experience at Mesa Valley Community School not only allowed me to earn credit for courses in theater, speech, and my other interests, but also helped me complete several college courses while still in high school. Ultimately, I would recommend the program to any student who is personally driven and hopes for an individualized and immeasurably valuable high school experience.
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When I was attending, 1. I was not social, and 2. the program was just getting off the ground. There were few - if any - clubs and organizations during my attendance, although this may have changed.
Mesa Valley Vision gave me an opportunity through their funding to take classes we would have otherwise been unable to afford. They helped me find opportunities for education and gave me a direction during high school. This school is unique because it tailors education as much as possible to the individual student, while still striving to meet district and state requirements for education.
It's difficult to rate the teachers of a charter school where a lot of the teaching is homebased, but this community is dedicated to furthering the education of their students, and the people I encountered and were taught by were knowledgeable and consistent in their practices. The director and my own RC went out of their way to help me through subjects I had difficulty with.
This school really set me up to succeed in college
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