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Mesa Ridge is a fantastic high school. Our teachers are kind, and extremely fun to work with. Teachers will not only help you out with academics, they are also a safe source to go to about personal problems. The music program is phenomenal! The Mesa Ridge Marching Band has been a state finalist for many years, and metaled in 3rd place at state championships in 2017! Mesa Ridge is a well rounded high school, and would definitely recommend attendance!
Mesa Ridge High School is a school full of athletics and top education. Many teachers help students not only with work, but also with life. Growing up through high school isn't easy. The handful of teachers here help everyone with all their problems. Our athletic program was outstanding. Our education is always high for our district and our performing arts is phenomenal. Our bands always place 5th or above in state and continue to work up higher. The only thing mesa needs to work o is school spirit. Yes, there is some and everyone tries to be positive, but I believe the administration is holding the schools ideas down, so they cant get all the spirit they need. Overall, Mesa Ridge is a fantastic high school.
ms kerth is a terrible teacher but other than that the school and the rest of the teachers are great
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I am really enjoying Mesa Ridge during my senior year, because this school is not just about education, but also about character. Moving my senior year from Germany, as a military child, is hard, but I really adjusted well and I am getting along with the teachers. Some more parent involvement could be needed, but other than that it's been great!
The teachers were amazing and really cared about their students. The office staff was always friendly and the Principal, Dean of Students, & Athletic Director always interacted with students and knew many by name. They enforced a no bullying policy and really punished those who violated it. Just overall great adults, but the students were wild. I also didn't really feel a challenge in Academics.
The counciling center and most of the front office seems to be consistently underprepared for anything a student asks whether that be about college, getting a job, or even a copy of a transcript. Some of the teachers seem to you heavy favorism especially during grading in which the administrators refuse to acknowledge. There are, however, a handful of teachers who are fair and are actually great at their jobs.
The school is chill environment. I have seen some bullying and I stuck up for those kids. Mesa Ridge has a zero tolerance. The teachers and staff are pretty involved and know many kids by name. The academics are great as the sports coaches could be better.
I graduated from there a year ago and my time there help me to mold into the person I am today. I wasn't really very involved, but the relationships and memories and progress I made in my life while being there; I wouldn't have had it any other way. Many teachers there have impacted my life, giving me a different point of view whether they know it or not. The people there, the good and the bad memories have taught me important lessons about life in which I learned to sympathize with others as well as I learned to build others up. This community provides many potential opportunities, you just have to recognize and seek them out.
Most of the teachers showed little effort in their lessons/plans for the semester. There were a handful who really did care, though those teachers were only able to do so much. I had a counselor who told me I won't go to college because of my race. I was in every AP class, played two sports, and was academically sound.
I just absolutely love it here! This school is so welcoming and a great atmosphere! There is so much you can do here it's insane! Whatever you are into, Mesa definitely has a group for it! It is like being a part of a huge family!
I have gone to Mesa for four years and enjoy it. The school has a block schedule and thats one of it's better qualities, as well as it's athletics. The athletics are good because teachers and coaches work together for the students to achieve their full potential. The counselors are the worst though because all they care about is what college you want to get into and nothing about your emotions or how you're feeling. You can always find a teacher to vent to, not one in any specific department. A teacher in any department could help you. The admin can be biased because if your part of the "in-crowd" then they'll over look you if they're wearing something out of dress code . But if your not in the "in-crowd" you'll be dress coded.
The band program is amazing. All of the teachers care very deeply about their students and their success. Admin and campus security are always joking and caring, but get done what they need to. It is an awesome environment for everyone.
The academics, teachers, safety, and administrators are in my opinion the most understanding staff that we have.Everything about the school is great I had an amazing four years there.
I would like to see a change in the funding for the fine arts department. It is essential to have the funds to provide supplies to the art students to utilize, for the music groups to purchase sheet music, for instruments that are rented from the school be properly maintained and in case of emergency be repaired (And not with money out of the pockets of teachers). There are a select few teachers in the school that made this place memorable, otherwise there isn't anything especially outstanding.
I spent four years at Mesa Ridge High School. It was pretty good, for I liked how diverse the community was and how the teachers would be there to help if you needed it. I would like to improve the advice they should give on getting ready for college because that when a lot of students start to stress. They are not preparing us for that.
I received very great education from some of the most amazing teachers. I was able to create a relationship with them that allowed me to push past what I thought I was capable of. They helped me learn how to teach myself when a subject was hard, while at the same time learning more about myself.
I love most things about Mesa Ridge! All of the staff is very friendly and its very welcoming there.
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I like how some teachers supportive. I would be nice if we received more assistance and advice from the counselors.
I love everything about mesa ridge the teachers are greatest, the sports in the state. The best basketball, soccer, football, wrestling, and track. While there are not the best players in the freshman teams but everyone does well working together and that is what makes a team.
I sadly only attended Mesa my junior an currently my senior year. I spent my first 2 years at "the blue school" as we like to call it aka widefield, there was so much drama a bad influence. since I came to mesa I've enjoyed high school I look forward to coming to school. Everyone here is really nice and willing to help you better yourself an make you feel included.
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