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High School was a great experience. Going to Mesa High was a starting point to your journey. Mesa High was full of sprit, tradition, and success. This school has been preparing me for colleges. I know when I graduate I can tell my self that I'm ready for the next chapter in life. there is so much help you can get. this school takes care of their students. they want to help us succeed. There are so many different types of clubs/events where students can get involved. the school overall is great but doesn't mean the students always are. The only thing I would change about this school is the lack of maturity the students have. Students don't pick up after themselves. they vandalize the bathrooms. Administration do their best to make it stop but nothings change.
It’s a pretty good school but the students are slackers and like some of them do drugs so like they should have like a zero policy on people who have any connections with illegal drugs.
Mesa High School has an amazing tradition. They take pride in who they are and make sure to show it throughout the school year. School spirit is a big thing there and is always being expressed throughout the school. The teachers are amazing and they are there when you need them. They offer their time to ensure you success in school. My high school experience there was amazing and I enjoyed going there all four years. You have the ability to meet people from different backgrounds and every class has diversity.
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I had a really good high school experience attending mesa high, felt very safe. The teachers really cared about there students, in expanding their knowledge and making sure everyone, had the help they available to understand the material needed in order to be successful.
Mesa high school is an amazing school over all. Teachers were helpful and took time to make sure that you understood what was being taught. There is lots of college prep during senior year and even during junior year. Tons of resources. Aside from that, the tradition is amazing. When I tell other people what is done at our school, whether it be about having a group of male students train to be cheerleaders or staying overnight for a game of survivor, they are always amazed to hear what Mesa high does. That's something that was emphasized on during the school assemblies and I never thought it was going to be as legit as they made it to be. It was a very wonderful time.
What I love about Mesa High is that there is so much traditional values and history present in the school grounds. Being able to be part of a school that is 120 years old is amazing because I get to hear all about the origins of the traditions that makes Mesa High unique and I know that I will be able to become apart of that legacy also. However, one thing I would change if I could, would be the bad rep that is usually associated with the words "Mesa High". It's a really great school and shouldn't be looked down upon, especially by those who don't know of the great traditions and historical value of Mesa High.
Mesa High School provides a good environment and friendly teachers and counselors who are pleased to help students through high school and build their path to college
I've gone to Mesa High School all four years of high school. And i can honestly say i couldn't picture myself at any other high school. Mesa is full of school spirit but also still cares a tremendous amount about the education. And it is full of clubs that help out the community and take turns keeping the campus of the school clean. Another amazing thing about Mesa High is that, it is an avid demonstration school! I, myself am an avid member and i couldn't picture it any other way. I love Mesa High will all my heart.
It was easy to talk to others and teachers when needing help. Very positive and would gadly recommend to anyone.
Mesa High School is the greatest school in AZ. When I entered as a Freshmen, I was given immediate encouragement by what would be my future teachers and fellow classmates. Mesa High carries so much tradition in every way, shape, and form. There are many opportunities to find and do something you love while being at Mesa. The sports teams are always winning, the students are always involved in clubs, and people are always striving to learn. Definitely aa school to be proud of.
Mesa High has a very vibrant culture and so much history behind it’s walls. It would take four years for me to tell you it. I can never not say I'm proud to be a jackrabbit since no matter what every year our school becomes greater and greater.
Mesa High encouraged me to strive for my goals. It is an incredibly bright, optimistic, and hard-working school that helps all students to get the best out of their education. Their school spirit really unifies the whole school together.
So far, for the past two years at Mesa High School, there is a very big amount of support given by peers, teachers and the overall community. The school holds many events with other organizations and activities inside the school itself that allows students to attend and get involved with their school. Spirit and pride are two things that are widely known throughout campus, and with that, I am proud to be a Jackrabbit. The transition from junior high to high school was not too drastic when coming to Mesa High as there were teachers to help me get used to the environment while feeling welcomed. Being part of clubs and sports at Mesa high has never been anything less than amazing. Although there are times when work piles up, still being part of those clubs and sports made it all worthwhile.
Mesa High School is all about traditions and pride. We are a community that takes pride in all that we do and we are always there for one another. I would however like to see parent involvement increase in some areas of the school. Along with more intensity on our academics. Mesa High could use some more stress upon the greatness and importance of Honors and AP classes, even getting good grades and graduating in general. I felt like there wasn't enough encouragement going around during my time at Mesa High for the general class students. Overall my four years at Mesa High were well spent, I wouldn't go anywhere else if I had the chance.
I like how you can go in for help whenever you need it. Also, how the vast options of courses or classes is offer.
I decided to transfer to Mesa High in my senior year and I felt really welcomed by everyone. I was able to make friends and participate in the theater design program, which is what I am passionate about
Mesa High is a school that highly values tradition. There is plenty of clubs and ways to be involved with the school. You are given many opportunities to further education and to have higher level classes. Two days a week, in the library, tutors are there to help any student. If you need any help with school, it's very easy to talk to teachers and/or counselors.
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Mesa High is an awesome school with great school spirit and lots of traditions. Apart from that Mesa High helps you out when in need but can improve helping the students that really want it.
I was a former student at Mesa High for my last two years there beforw graduating. The school isn't the cleanest but the spirt in that school is insane. Everyone is friends and make anyone feel welcomed. All of the events taken place at school are very entertaining and engages everyone to participate in them. The school cafeteria is crowded and getting lunch was a pain because the lines would sometimes last until the end of lunch until senior year came and I would go out. Staff and teachers were amazing and went far beyond to help any student catch up or reteach them a lesson not understood. This school is a great place for anyone who is going.
Mesa High was a very spirit school. They did anything they can to put there students first and help them when needed. They have a strong system on there students we mesa high students treat each other like a family. We are the high school known for spirit to are school. They helped me in much when i lost my dad last September they did anything they can to Make me graduate.I loved mesa high as a home i felt safe to go to school there.
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