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Great environment, wonderful teachers. I loved my time at Mesa High. I was on the Varsity cheer team and I loved every second of it. Very positive, and uplifting school, compared to other schools I've attended.
Mesa high is the best school in Arizona. Mesa high makes you feel like family it’s full of traditions I just like the fact that we’re always reunited
I have been attending Mesa high since my freshman year of high school. Overall the teachers at Mesa high are generous and caring for their students. however, the office and bookstore staff are rude and unwelcoming to students. As a student who is well mannered, I don’t find it fair for any student to be treated as if we’re dumb and can’t do anything ourselves.
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It was a very welcoming community- the teachers and students were all incredibly nice. The classes were not superior in the material taught but they were good.
I really enjoyed the teacher to student involvement. Every teacher I ever had made me feel like I could trust them and made me feel like I was safe in their classroom. Student to student interaction was a different story, and though I didn’t have very many problems, I knew many kids that had bullying insistences. Although, that seemed to be the only problem. Tradition is the trophy of Mesa High and you will find that every student will proudly say that they are a Jackrabbit. The motivation for continued learning and college attendance was high through all four years of my attendance at Mesa high. Overall, an amazing experience with many great opportunities.
The school is filled with teachers who cares about their students, even the ones who seem to be troublemakers. They carry on traditions to show students how one can succeed. The legacy brings up the joy and spirit at Mesa High. Many friends can be made wether new or current, it's fun to have a laugh.
SO much school spirit! Teachers are nice and friendly students are close and there is a lot of sports and clubs to join!
My first day at Mesa High I was scared but isn't that what it's supposed to feel like because it's a life changing experience. Everyone is different but at least for me it was a good experience. At some points I was caught up in different and unnecessary things but as soon as I realized I was focused on nothing but school. I needed to pick up my grades and fix certain things about myself because I dug myself deep into a hole that only I could get myself out of. If it wasn't for some teachers and my parents, I don't think I would've been able to get back on track. It took me to realize what my future would look like without an education and I didn't like that at all, I got terrified. School is my number one priority and I want a good education to get my degree in something that I can have a career I love.
I LOVE MESA HIGH. This school is the definition of diverse. Everyone is super friendly. Everything at this high school is amazing. The traditions held at this school are like no other school in the mesa public school district. Coming from homecoming, the howdy hop, breakfast with santa, winter formal, traditions assembly, legacy assembly, senior bbq, prom, ALL OF IT. Everything that makes Mesa high is amazing,
Mesa High is a good school but too many things are overlooked. The arts are not supported as well as they should be and all the attention is constantly awarded to sports instead. Administration picks and chooses who gets in trouble for what.
The traditions at Mesa High School is what makes it the best. Everyone is so involved and the school spirit is worth the hype. Mesa high stands out cause they have one of the kindest students in mesa, most of mesa high teachers are good teacher that care about their students. The only thing i would change about it is the staff in the book store. Their pretty rude and expect you to have everything on point.
My experience at Mesa High these past four years have been amazing. This school is one on a million. It is full of amazing people and traditions that I learned to love throughout the years.
What I liked about Mesa high is how when I first went there I was automatically welcomed by everyone and I felt like we all knew each other, and the diversity is just amazing I mean everyone welcomes everyone, the staff people are so helpful especially the resource people they have helped me so much get ready for colleges and helped me apply for my FAFSA if it wasn’t for them I probably would if never applied
Mesa High School is all about traditions. They do all kinds of events that help the community and have have so many fun occasions for the students. I have attended most of the events and still this school surprises me with all these events. Also, the teachers are great. I have asked for help so many times and the teachers never say no. They always do what they can to help and they make sure I'm on track to success.
It is a good school. I like it because it feels like everyone gets along. It is a positive environment that invites all people to stay academically active and have a fun time doing it. I have made an abundance of friends with the students and staff. They all care about me and help me when I am in need.
Mesa High is a very traditional school. They have kept their traditions for years and years. I have been here since the beginning of freshman year. They have many clubs and sports to join in. Everything that they do here is very special. The staff is very kind and they try to be here for you when you talk and need them. The students are all from very different cultures.
I have only attended Mesa High school my senior year, and so far I really like it. It has more programs and better opportunities than my old school had. I have created new friendships and have met new people. All of my teachers are very attentive and care about each student. I hope to see new improved security so students can feel more safe when on school campus.
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I met some of the greatest friends and teachers while attending this school. Both wished for me to be successful by teaching lessons and staying after to help out and being there for me
Mesa High is a school full of tradition. You wake up every morning happy knowing your going to have a great day at Mesa.The teachers along with the students that attend it are amazing. Freshman feel at hoe when they first get here and the seniors act as great mentors. Something that could change however is the support that some school teams get. I've witnessed it at first hand with y Soccer team. We are one of the best teams in the school but we never get any type of support. That is something that I would change here at Mesa.
I liked the fact that you could find many resources no matter what you may need there’ll be a place where you could find help or they’ll aid you on where to go. They are great on helping you out if you take time to find the hell you need.
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