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Love this school! My children have been able to enjoy school in a safe wholesome environment. This school has excellent parent involvement and what I find most incredulous, NICE children!
As an MGA alum, I loved my time there. Because it is such a small school, everyone is very close. It's like a family. The teachers are wonderful and genuinely care about each student, they're always willing to make time to help their students. One of my favorite things about MGA was the athletics. The teams are close-knit and help students to develop leadership skills along with many others abilities. I'm grateful for MGA and all of the wonderful people there.
It's a great school. You get to know everyone and make lots of friends
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This school does not have a cafeteria. We have what is called hot lunch which is one option per day that you can get if you want. Its about half and half for students that get hot lunch and those that bring their own.
Parents get involved at this school a lot. There is also tutoring available. There is a computer lab that is accessible during study halls and we have our own yearbook design equipment.
There aren't really any extracurricular activities. Most people just play sports.
Students are not allowed to wear jewelry in school. This school has a uniform which is enforced.
The teachers at this school are very friendly and work with students. We are one of the few schools left to have a auto class and a woodworking class. The work load is enough to learn but won't kill you.
The school has installed a fence around the school a few years ago. We practice drills for fire, earthquake, disaster, and lockdown fairly regularly. Students know what to do in these situations. I have never seen or heard about a physical fight at our school.
We have the best gym in our league, and that's not being biased. Our girls basketball has won league for many years. Our guys team won league last year. Students do come to games and some parent s will really cheer at the games. Our coaches are very good and work hard with the players while still keeping it fun.
Students get involved at this school through many activities. There are spirit days where everyone in the class dresses up in a theme. We also have a beach day, a banquet, and a spring picnic which includes football and swimming.
The classrooms are small but also big enough for the amount of students who attend. Technology is not always available depending what class you are in. Only the library holds computers and you have access during your study halls or at lunch.
Our school is vegetarian so there is no real meat allowed. Our lunches in the cafeteria are okay. We do not have that many options.
My experience at Mesa Grande Academy has been phenomenal in every way! We are a small school and we are like family to each other. The majority of the students get along here. And everyone is always getting involved with school activities!
Many of our students get involved one way or another! We have a great weight lifting program on top of the many Sport activities in which you may join.
Our principal and many staff members go on many of our High School trips!
Many of our classes give us the opportunity to have hands on activities. This is one of the best and fastest ways to learn for many students.
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The student to teacher ratio is very good. I consider many of the teachers from here my friends now. Sports are very good here too. You make a lot of good life long friends here.
Well... The school really prepared me for college. compared to say a public high school, private school is much more difficult but in the long run it prepares you for a college education.
The campus is really nice... The only buildings that could use improvement are their locker rooms. The Labs, The Classrooms and the teachers are excellent.

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