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Merton Williams Middle School Reviews

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This is a really good school because it gives the kids to respect others and to think about their future.
There is a variety of facilities and resources available to students in the school, counselors are always present and librarians are helpful. However teachers seem to always be busy.
My overall educational experience was alright but not as good as the educational experience I received after attending the school. Personally, the majority of my teachers didn't understand that the way they were teaching didn't agree with the way I learned and it led to difficult relationships on my part with some of them. It made it difficult to ask for help out of lack of respect. Socially, my experience was horrible. I was surrounded by students who didn't care about how what they said affected others, and were completely ignorant of other people's beliefs and ways of expressing themselves.
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The one thing that is top notch at this school is the athletic and fitness opportunities. The school has multiple athletic facilities available to the students and multiple sports teams for them to try out for. Most of the time too many students try out for all of the different sports that the school has to offer. The modified teams usually do very well due to dedicated athletes of the school, and hardworking, encouraging coaches.
In the school and district there is a strong lack of diversity, however for those that are of a racial minority there is very little discrimination in the school when it comes to bullying. Over race is the only thing that is overall socially accepted. Students are judges daily because of their looks, how they act, and how the present/ express themselves, making the school not a fun environment for those that are not considered to be whatever is the present way to look (aka popular).
In this school and the district overall incorporating technology has become more of a problem then a benefit. Teachers revolve lessons around laptops or tablets and then when they refuse to work the class is postponed and valuable education time is wasted. Also while the teachers are engaging in their lessons, it is only a select few teachers that actually reach out to students that are struggling.
The extracurriculars in this school are not bountiful in the slightest. However, those that are present have both dedicated teachers and students that make the clubs both entertaining and a place for students to express their interests with their peers.
When it comes to the health and safety of the students on the district's priorities, its easy to say that they are not anywhere near the top. While the school has efficient security measures (although there is always room for improvement) I've heard many students say that in case of an emergency or threat they did not think that security would be able to handle said threat. In defense of the school, there are cameras at every corner and and guards near the main entrance of the school, however, its been addressed by many people that once a threat got past the few unarmed security guards, there would be no other defenses for the students other then locked doors. Even worse then then the safety measures are the health measures of the school. Physically, the school is a fit environment for adolescents. But mentally, the school is a battleground for students where some fall and other conquer. But what is the war? Bullying. LGBT slurs thrown left and right, students blocking the halls for other students, and snide comments in class that teachers ignore daily. This is a day in the life of a middle school student here. While some might say that the school takes top measures about bullying, the only measures that seem to be present are those that involve not taking care of the harassment at hand.
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