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The best part of my school experience was the way that my teachers were always making sure the students had what they needed and were taken care of. The most memorable thing from my experience was breaking my arm in kindergarten and hearing my teacher say she would knock out the nurse if she tried to set my arm.
The teachers are what make Merryville an okay place to attend. Most teachers are friendly and try to make the subjects entertaining and some act as pseudo-parents by making sure that the students are caught up with their work from other classes and just genuinely trying to help.
The school building itself is relatively young but the high school bathrooms are just terrible the boy's bathroom is the worst because of the stench with very few people to clean them. The bus system is decent but could use a few tweaks. The technology available is not the greatest but it gets the job done. The science labs and the library are fairly good but could use a bigger budget. All classes have air conditioning and heating but only a few have actual control over the temperature in the building and the rest are stuck with whatever the thermostat is set to.
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The nurse was terrible in the early 2000's. She administered medicine without contacting parents and she tried to set a kindergartner's broke arm. The school occasionally goes into code blue which means there is a danger on the campus which it typically is one of the students with drugs. There is an officer that patrols the campus but other than that the school security is pretty bad.
The administration has gotten better over the years and the new principal is really great. The guidance counselor is not too good at her job and the policies are upheld rather well.
Merryville has a decent number of extracurricular activities available but the school focuses most on the football program.
The sports programs at this school are average, but fun in the same way. They offer helpful guidance and practices and work with the athlete whenever he/she needs to be worked with. The fans and student population are always cheering them on and encouraging them to do their best no matter what the outcome.
Although it is a small school, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities including but not limited to: Student Government, After-School Tutoring, Band, Basketball, FFA, FBLA, and FCCLA.
The cafeteria has downgraded in the recent years because of the new national standards and our funding to the cafeteria.
The reason this school is unique is because of how small it is. The academics aren't the best, but provides you with the education you need. The teachers are wonderful and the counselor is very informative.
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