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Merrol Hyde Magnet School Reviews

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I've been at Merrol Hyde since 5th grade. This is a pretty good school. Would recommend. Good solid education.
I have been here for five years now and have grown to like it really well. I have learned a lot more than I would have at my zoned public school and have had the opportunity to really challenge myself that i wouldn't have had anywhere else. However, the actual school building is a little sad with stained ceiling tiles, mismatched lockers, terrible pod style classroom design, and no windows except for in the lunch room.
I attended MHMS from fourth grade until I graduated in May and I absolutely loved it. Both the faculty and students are amazing
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Merrol Hyde Magnet may be small, but it has provided me with skills I can take on to college that I feel as if I couldn't have obtained from any other school. The entire faculty staff is amazing at their jobs and cares about every student they work with.
I felt like Merrol Hyde was a great school, but a bit too strict on policies. We barely had any room to express ourselves.
Merrol Hyde Magnet School is a wonderful K-12 school that prepared me well both academically and disciplinarily for college. The teachers genuinely care about students' academic performance and facilitate a welcoming environment that allows students to engage with the lecture and feel comfortable when asking questions. As a previous student, I have many fond memories of Merrol Hyde and am so thankful for the teachers that have served as mentors both during my time as a student there and after my graduation. I still have teachers who contact and reach out to me to see how I'm doing and encourage me in my continued education in college. Ultimately, I am so thankful to call Merrol Hyde Magnet School my alma mater and I am sure that all students who attend will have a similar experience and feeling.
When I began my journey as a 4th grader at Merrol Hyde Magnet School, I was lost in the ideas of simple maths and sciences. I was welcomed with a helping hand, a pat on the back, and later, a shoulder to cry on. As years have passed and this school has become my home, I have been accompanied by true friends, wonderful teachers, and a safe environment to work and learn in. I have easily been able to excel in my strengths and weaknesses through the hard work and dedication of the teachers who surround me. As my high school career comes to a close, I am sad to leave the school I grew up in, but I am thankful for the way it prepared me, and I am excited to see what the future holds for the students who possess it next. Merrol Hyde Magnet School has done an amazing job at preparing me for college life, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Merrol Hyde is a great place to work and learn. It has good education and most of the teachers really care about their students and their success.
My daughter has been at MHMS since Kindergarten and has enjoyed it every year. Of course, there are years that she has enjoyed more than others and certain teacher have put an imprint on her heart and they have become part of our family and ask me how she is doing quite often. I am very thankful that the administration is TOP NOTCH now like it was when she was in kindergarten. I can't say that it is was always like that for a couple years there it was nonexistent. I have confident that my middle schooler will be well-equipped going into high school and then college by attending Merrol Hyde Magnet School. I am glad we have this option in Sumner County.
The small community is very nice, and you can tell that teachers truly care about your future. Although scheduling is difficult, the faculty tries to make the classes as available and beneficial as possible.
i love this school. it has been my home since kindergarten. it is the biggest struggle i have ever faced but will give me such a bright future.
The community is great and everyone works to form a safe and learning environment. Because it is so small tou grow up with the people in your grade and they become like family.
Merrol Hyde instilled a love for life-long learning within me. The rigorous academics combined with intelligent, understanding teachers provided me with an unforgettable high school experience. The academics and teachers of Merrol Hyde Magnet are second to none. I would recommend Merrol Hyde to anyone with a passion for motivation and knowledge.
I have been going to Merrol Hyde for about 4 years and I absolutely love it! (Most) of the teachers are great and the curriculum is challenging and fun. It’s very easy to make friends here because everyone is so kind and welcoming! The sports program here at Merrol Hyde is not that great, but if you are going to Merrol Hyde I assume you are going for the academics. Most of the teachers here are very helpful and involved with what is happening around the school. If you are looking for a school in Sumner county, I recommend going to Merrol Hyde.
Merrol Hyde, as says our motto, is a great place to work and learn. The teachers are amazing and are able to give individual attention due to the small class sizes.
MHMS is an excellent learning environment for children who excel in a challenging, intimate environment. Students work at an accelerated pace, while benefiting from teachers and staff who are dedicated to the success of the whole child. As a K-12 school, students have the opportunity to learn from those both younger and older than themselves, yet who share the same values of quality education, respect for varying viewpoints, and outstanding character. MHMS graduates students who demonstrate high academic achievement, respect for differing ideas, leadership skills, and a capacity and thirst for deep thinking.
I have been at Merrol Hyde since Kindergarten, and I am so glad to have been at this school for almost 12 years now. It is definitely a unique high school experience, and I wouldn't trade that for anything else. We are academically superior and the friendships made at this school are unlike any others. Everyone here is so nice and accepting of people's differences and it is such a unique, academic-minded environment. After my full education here, I feel as though I can go to any college, with any major, and truly succeed. We have some of the best teachers in the state and they genuinely care about the success of every student here. Some of them stay after school everyday and come in on the weekends just to help students prep for AP tests. Everyone here is so involved and invested in each other's lives; Merrol Hyde is one of the best aspects of my life. I'm going to miss it more than anything in two years, Roll Hyde!!
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As a senior who's been here since kindergarten, I don't have much to compare it to except for what I have heard about other schools and stories from the alumni. But from personal experience I can say that Merrol Hyde has pushed me as a student and a person. The teachers here are supportive and the classes don't just cover the subject; they go deeper than that. The only problems I really have with the school is the slim class selection which focuses on core classes and throws arts to the side and the lack of exposure to diversity and making mistakes.
The small class size and seminar style classes created a closer knit learning environment. The accelerated curriculum promoted us to learn more. I really enjoyed the intelligent teachers who held their classes as more of a conversation, rather than a lecture.
The initial principles of the school are exceptional. Although due to the recent and frequent principal changes the rules of the school have been very inconsistent. With the dress code you never know if the principal is going to add new rules in the middle of the year or decide to change their mind in the middle of the school year.
As a K-12 school the environment makes for a wonderful place to grow up in and you almost always have people to look up to for an example. Consistency is a big issue for the school but hopefully with this new principal we can see a change soon.
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