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Most of the teachers are very caring and push their students towards academic success rather than ignoring their needs and only passing them to keep the flow of students going. All of the students are happy to be a part of the school and everyone who attends has a great sense of pride for their community.
Merritt island had an amazing culture and fun atmosphere. The classes and teachers although we’rent the best of the experience. They seemed very unenergized for the most part and very disconnected.
I liked some of the teachers. At least the ones that made the lessons memorable and the classes interactive. What needs to be worked on is nothing really besides more descipline or overwatch on the students so that there is less conflict. Oh and the school lunches need serious improvement all I had every day was either nachos or chicken sandwich, a little variety and better quality wouldn’t be too much to ask for.
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I liked the spirit of the student body during football games and during pep rallies. Everyone has a great time and we all come together. I think we should have more food choices and someway to help with shorter lines during lunch. I also think we should have a better way of getting out of the student parking lot because with over 1,000 students it's very difficult.
Its a good school with a lot of Mustang Pride. Most of the teachers enjoy what they are doing and work hard for the students.
Over all this is a nice school and it is a good experience to be able to graduate from the same school my dad did. Something i would like to see change is the dress code, we are not allowed to wear tank tops and we live in Florida.
Merritt Island is the place to be. Throughout my years of high school I have felt the comfort and support of our own little community. The teachers and staff are there to help the students just as much as we are there to help them. Being on an island makes us closer than most would like, but that’s what makes us who we are. We are the Merritt Island Mustangs, and we carry that name with pride as we represent our school. I couldn’t ask for a better high school experience than right here in Merritt Island. Everyone that has entered this school will forever bleed black and gold. As we all say; once a Mustang, always a Mustang!
I took all four years of high school here. I was also dual enrolled at Eastern Florida state college at the time. I had good experiences at both.
My experience at Merritt Island High School was pretty good. The teachers pretty much know all the material and are willing to help you if don't understand it. The administration is has your best interest in mind and will guide you into the right direction. One of my favorite part of going to school at MIHS was taking the web design and graphic design classes.
I love the teachers here. They are very supportive and work individually with students to help them be successful. Merritt Island High School’s students and faculty work to not only improve the school, but to also give back to the community. This coming school year I would love to see more school activities and school spirit.
My first 3 years of high school were amazing, the admin was cooperative and had the students’ best interests at heart. The school has changed though. There had been a change in the students’ interest to monetary interest. This change has brought our school down in my opinion.
Being at Merritt island makes you feel like you’re apart of something bigger. The academics and sports really keep me involved and the teachers I have really help me to strive for successes. We do it Island style and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
I loved how the students were so involved in after school activities. The school was like one big family. We had pride and tradition. Everyone loved to dress up during spirit week before homecoming. The sports are really good there and everyone loves to go watch and support our mustangs. The academics are really good because the teachers are willing to work with you to make sure that you don't fail the class. Our facility are amazing and they do everything they can to help us succeed.
All the teachers are very nice and want their students to succeed. The administration is always very polite. The sports are the best. I cheered my whole high school career and it was the best. I would recommend to anyone to be apart of a team. It gives the whole experience; it made it one hundred times better. My school also offers dual enrollment, so I was able to complete my two year degree from a local college before I graduated from high school.
Overall I believe that Merritt Island is a great school. The teachers are motivated to continuously help their students succeed. The coaches at this school genuinely care about their athletes and we are currently a 2 year girls varsity soccer state champion team.
I always dreamed about being a Merritt Island Mustang since I was a little girl. I always went to the volleyball games to watch my best friend's sister play. Both of us would sit in the stands and look up to those girls on the team and the people sitting in the student sections saying, "Wow, can't wait till we get to play on this court and sit in that area one day". The saying, "Once a Mustang always a Mustang" really sticks with you throughout your high school career and for the rest of your life. It's a small school with big opportunities, offering a vast amount of clubs, sports, or activities that students can be involved in. Merritt Island High is known for their pride, tradition, and family. It became my second home for the past four years. The teachers and administration want nothing but success for you! Graduating from this place will be bittersweet.
I thought the school culture was typical of what I hear is at other schools. Basic groups...jocks/cheerleaders, outsiders, brainiacs, etc. Not a bad place but I do not feel very connected or particularly fond of the place.
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The school is awesome and we have a beautiful campus and teachers are ok. I love our spirit weeks and pep rallies. They're so much fun and we are able to show off our school spirit
I enjoyed a lot of the classes as many of the teachers were very down to earth and funny while still providing an amazing education. There are also a lot of opportunities to learn skills that can be valuable in the real world like Photoshop, InDesign, and autodesk inventor.
My high school experience here was good. I was in French Club and we planned a trip to France. I ended up getting grounded and not going to France but those that went had a blast.
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