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Merritt Island Christian School Reviews

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I went to Merritt Island Christian School from Pre-k through 12th grade. I loved being in a school that felt like a family. The teachers cared and always pushed you to do your best and succeed. They really helped showed Christ's love to each and every student! I grew spiritually, academically, and socially at this school!
MICS is an amazing Christian school! Great teachers and staff! My child has grown spiritually and academically.
Need more activities and support
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We have a full-time nurse and a full-time security guard.
I have made great friends here and like the teachers.
The teachers really care about the success of the students.
There are dozens of clubs and activities for students to choose from at the upper school. Aside from the honor societies, there are also political, environmental, career-oriented, and service based clubs.
Admissions staff was always extremely friendly and accommodating.
The teachers and students at my school take their schoolwork very seriously. It's not easy to get an "A" but if you work hard it is attainable.
The food is okay at my school, but anything actually good tasting is much more expensive.
For the sports that we do have, we have great coaches and the athletes are very involved and full of spirit. But for many of us, the sports we play out of school aren't offered at our school.
We have many foreign exchange students and different students from many various cultures.
Personal safety is held in its highest regard at my school. The advisers take special care of all of us and we are all deeply cared about.
We have involved educators for each club. Everyone at my school is involved in at least one club, but most of us are involved in two or three.
Our school advisor constantly gives us handouts and talks to us about possible college options.
We have just Kodat my school, and the faculty and staff and force it very well. All the students take it seriously and there's really not a big problem with bullying at her school either. All problems are dealt with immediately by the advisers and faculty members of my school.
The teachers at this school genuinly care about their students so when most of them teach, they truly want the students to learn. Most of them take the time to go over one step if only one student doesn't understand it.
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I went to this school my whole life and ever since I was held back in the middle of fourth grade, I wanted to be home schooled. I wasn't. I stayed at that school until I graduated, but I'm glad it was that school because it could have been way worse. Everyone knew I was held back and still treated me okay, I was isolated some, but overall they were nice about it.
There is plenty;y of food in the cafeteria, but most of it is junk food and unhealthy. The only healthy food is in a small fridge and it is limited and usually gone by lunch time. Only once there was a small bowl of fruit, but it was bruised and seemed old.
Generally, this school is completely safe. It is a small school, and everyone is close and mature enough not to fight physically. There is a security guard who is always on campus and the school only has one door for people to enter and exit and all visitors sign in. The school nurse is always there to help with anything, from physical pain to mental breakdowns and truly cares about the students, to the point where she will go out of her way to help.
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