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My experience at Merritt Academy is pretty good. This is my first year there coming from Prevail Academy. I like how all of the teachers expand on a concept area in a subject and really make sure that all of the students understand it. Something I would like to see change is the electives in middle school. I would like there to be a more variety of elective instead of the basic ones. Some suggestions are photography, cross country, orchestra, pottery, drama, science olympiad, etc.
Merritt Academy is an amazing school. I have been going to Merritt for 13 years and it has become my second home. The band program is absolutely stupendous and has an amazing one on one learning experience with the teachers due to the small class sizes. Wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.
Merritt is an excellent school! Although it is a charter school, it still offers a an amazing "public school" feel.
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I attended Merritt from kindergarten through 12th grade and it was a great place to be and truly felt like a family.
Small school awesome kindergarten teacher ms king wonderful teacher ms billings ms malkowski out of this world. High school very limited on classes they offer and same with the sports programs.
Since starting Merritt Academy in Kindergarden the school has expanded a lot, many things for the better. The teachers and staff are always there to look out after the students and know them on a personal level. If there is something wrong they are always willing to be an ear to talk to if you need to get something off of your chest. Not only that in the past few years the academics have excelled as well as the sports programs. This helps the students prepare for college and learn about what is out in the real world. Not only does the school teach us about the core activities it teaches us life long morals and skills that we will need in society. Out of all these good things something that is improving, but could be better is the technology.
I went to Merritt Academy my whole school career and I wouldn't change that for the world. It's a nice small school environment that grows every year. There is lots of personal one on one with the teachers and the office staff has always been so kind. It's a perfect school for people like me who don't like being in environments with too many people where you only know a few people. Everyone knows everyone there, which yes could be quite annoying at some points, but its also perfect because it's like you always have a friend somewhere on campus. I would recommend Merritt Academy to anybody looking for a good school.
Due to the small size of Merritt Academy, teachers are invested personally in their students. Those who take the initiative to ask questions and to get themselves help are rewarded by the teachers' commitment to their pupils. The majority of teachers make a point of intergrating life skills and real world examples of the lessons into curriculum. The bonds that some students form with these teachers cannot be expressed in a review, they often become life-long mentors to the students of Merritt Academy,
There isn't a nurse, but there is cameras. There could be more done to be safe.
There could be more clubs and organizations
This school is unique because it felt like a family.
The teachers here are smart and helpful and caring.
Bullying is rare and when it happens bullies are diciplined. I always feel safe at school. We have color coded drills for when an emergency may happen and they are practiced monthly. School doors are locked in the daytime and can only be opened with a buzzer that goes to the office where they look at the camera and let you in. We don't necessarily have a school nurse because it's a rather small school. But our athletic director and P.E. teacher is certified in that area.
I really appreciate all the school has to offer. It's small but it grows and advances every year. Teachers are extremely dedicated and the student body is a family.
Teachers at Merritt Academy are extremely dedicated to teaching student and making sure the material is understood. Any teacher will make time for any student whether it be academic or social help. Teachers are respectful to students and handle difficult student well. Teachers are willing to individually help students and everyone gets a chance to speak.
The school is unique because it is smaller and more close-knit than most schools.
The teachers often give too much homework and have a tough time explaining the homework in detail. I believe that the teachers need to do a better job working with the students 1 on 1.
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I love everything about this school
I think the policies are fair, the administration is easy to work with, I love their dress code, office staff always friendly
Most of the teachers are there for the children, I experienced only one, that i thought should not be there teaching
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