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I really liked a lot of the teachers at Merrimack Valley, and I loved being on the sports teams. I found that the classes challenged me a moderate amount. The student atmosphere was generally good, especially during pep rallies. I am very glad that I attended and graduated from this school.
While most of the teachers seemed to be invested in their students and teaching, my overall experience was impacted more by the social environment of the school than it was by my education gained from it. Communication was very hard sometimes, a lot of the time serious issues were ignored, or when they were talked about, they were glossed over in a short or unhelpful message. This often led to confusion or students getting upset about the school's way of treating things.
Good school. As a student, you get what you put in. If you work hard and push yourself and take the more challenging courses you will get a lot from the school academic wise. Many students choose to slide through. Teachers are great, wide variety of courses offered.
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I think Merrimack Valley is an okay school, but the challenges they offer are slim to none and if they are offered you have to jump through multiple hoops to even start the process. We dump all of our money into our sports and teams that never really win, meanwhile some girl got into Nationals for music and our music program is still being cut. It seems like they don't know how to cater to the correct departments.
I really like this school. It's both professional yet comfortable and casual. They have a lot of resources, like laptops to borrow during the day. They have a lot of opportunities such as study at different high school or NHTI close by. They also allow us to change our schedules if needed by exchanging classes or taking classes online. The campus is also really nice. I have a lot of pride in my school.
This school may not have the best resources, but we do the best with what we have. All of the teachers care about who you are as a person, and both the student and teacher population is supportive in light of our troubling times as a community. It's not the best school in the area, but I will treasure these memories and miss it when I leave due to the enthusiasm and caring character of the school.
The school absolutely tries it's best with everything. Each person working there actually wants to be there, which is good to see in a high school. The building itself is a little small for the number of students that attend it, however.
Highly reccomended. This school makes sure that all students are college ready by the time they are leaving high school. They make sure it is a safe and happy environment at all times.
Merrimack Valley High School is not very diverse, and the course selection is minimal due to the small class sizes. The overall participation in the school culture is quite nice though. The community service and other volunteer projects done in the community are a nice reminder of how caring the citizens and student of MVHS really are.
Merrimack Valley is a very comfortable place. This year we have faced many challenges as a community, including about seven deaths of students and close knit members of the community. Our school was very accommodating and made sure our guidance office was available all day. It is a great school and I love how welcome everyone feels.
The teachers care about the students and if you, as a student, care about your education, you will be prepared for college. Merrimack Valley High School offers a variety of classes and also offers the option to go to other schools to further your education.
Like all high schools, MVHS isn't without its faults. Some of the teachers were not that great, but most of them were friendly and interactive. Those teachers made learning enjoyable. That is a crucial necessity for any school.
Overall, this is a pretty safe and clean high school.
There are a lot of options for people with different interests.
Overall, it is a good school, with good teachers and a variety of classes.
All of the teachers care a lot about the students and their education.
course offerings are good. Teachers need to communicate better with parents.
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bullying is not talked about much at all, except for students who feel they need to stick up for themselves. administration does not care about it. The only security rule i see that has been pushed it that no one is supposed to let people in side doors (but they do). The school nurses are helpful.
There are many extracurricular opportunities to choose from but none that catch the eye of many students. Some are not expecting, some require certain fields to study in.
Most teachers / administration do not believe in the students or make them feel like they mean anything, the school gives me what i need but does not go above and beyond. Some teachers are amazing at what they do and how they teach, some are total opposite.
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