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Merrimack High School is a fine school with good people. We are a small school and my class specifically only has 270 people. As a senior now the teachers are much more helpful and listen to you better. As for my other three years, I have always seen as a kid and not ready for anything. We do have high security and some strict rules. Although the school is small it makes us all pretty close. juniors and seniors are all friendly and same with the sophomores and freshman. I would say the best part of this school is our school spirit at any game. Doesn’t matter if it’s football, soccer, field hockey, or even golf, you always have someone cheering for you.
This high school has strong academic integrity. Well respected teacher in about every department: English, Science, Mathematics, Art, Social Studies...
Like any other high school the school is also known for it's athletic programs. There are several student lead clubs: specific cultural clubs, anime club as well as Honor Society, Art honor Society, Robotics...
The classroom environment is really fun and there is a lot of school spirit. I only rated it 4 stars because there are a lot of people that do drugs in the bathrooms and there was a vandalism in 2018.
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Merrimack High School is a good high school. We have great teachers, some subpar ones, and the cafeteria food is pretty good. School there is more what you make it, friends wise, as is every high school. It's pretty homogenous, race wise, and it might be a little intimidating for someone who is of color, but other than that, its fine.
Great school! Many options as far as extra-curricular activities; although more support for non-sport clubs would be great. Students are given the ability to participate in making decisions related to changes affecting them and are encouraged to participate in the organization of school events. The administration and staff are wonderful and willing to work with those who need help!
When I went to Merrimack the classes themselves were very good, but the actual student life was not a very welcoming place.
I loved being part of teams and clubs during schooling at Merrimack high school, but the school is average. The College process was very blind and left all up to student and the academics and facilities provided are subpar
Poor teaching staff. Lots of drugs around the school. Starts too early for highschool students. But they do have anot early learning program.
Most of the teachers I had were genuinely passionate about what they were teaching. The school is stronger in STEM classes and did not offer enough AP classes for freshman which puts students at a disadvantage in college.
Overall, I enjoyed attending Merrimack High School. Very friendly teachers and staff, and as long as you behave then the experience is wonderful.
I like Merrimack, It has some good teachers. I want there for my last year of high school. I enjoy the calculus course taught be Mr. Menarini and my Trig based phyics. The staff is nice.
Some of the teachers are really amazing. Others obviously don't care and/or have an immediate dislike for students.
the kids here have no acceptance. they judge everyone for there true selves and if they don't fit in to one persons set expectation. the teachers are lazy and don't want to teach or be at school in general. some teachers i've had ignore the class or just "aren't having it today" and straight up don't teach. they don't care if your struggling, the teachers know the materaial so why do they care if we don't. a lot wrong at this school.
I enjoyed the 4 years I spent at Merrimack High School. I liked the wide range of sports and clubs that were offered to students and having the ability to create clubs based on personal interests. For example, my friends and I helped establish the Spanish Club where we spent time furthering our Spanish speaking knowledge and helping the community.
I loved Merrimack High School in the terms that I met the best friends of my life. The school is incredibly old so I would love to see new facilities (as well as some much needed AC). Merrimack High also has amazing school spirit and opportunities for the seniors. The counseling is great but in college I now realize that I would of loved to learn more about different careers and take a wider variety of classes to explore these interests. Being in construction now, I wish I had known about the growing industry sooner.
Merrimack High School is just like any high school from the outside but on the inside you have teachers who are willing to spend their free time helping and supporting the individual students dreams. They offer a wide range of classes and a safe, home feel. To any parent looking for a safe and good school to have their child attend, I recommend MHS.
Security is good and most teachers are friendly. However, some can be boring or plain unhelpful. There are many clubs to join, a great band, and a nice sense of school spirit. If I could change one thing, it would be to add more science teachers who are passionate about their subject.
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The teachers really want to see you succeed in your high school career and after you graduate. The school is not very diverse but thathe is continuing changing as more family's are moving in to Merrimack.
I had a great high school experience. I would have liked to see a greater selection for electives. Most teachers were very knowledgeable about the subject they were teaching. The school day was structured in a good way except for the lunches. The earliest lunch was before 11 and the latest was between 1-2. Most students I knew were unhappy about these times as well.
I loved Merrimack High school. The teachers and staff were very helpful and intentional. All of my teachers were incredible and were able to teach students in a way we could all understand. Leaving MHS I feel very prepared from all the hard work I was put through and all the life lessons I was taught.
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