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I like that there are many opportunities to succeed at Merrillville High School. Many teachers and counselors care about our future and help us along the way. Merrillville High School is very diverse and the school culture is amazing. We are allowed to express ourselves through art, sports, music and many more activities.
Merrillville High School has many opportunities and extra curricular activities available with many diverse students.
Merrillville High School has so much diversity and teachers that really want to see us succeed. IM proud to say I go to Merrillville.
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Good learning environment. Ample resources available to aid in all aspects of student life. Career development pathways are essential for life after high school.
I like how my school gives students a lot of good opportunities.They provide a lot of programs for the students. The counselors are great with providing students with information and getting students ready and prepared for college.Some of the teachers actually help students get to where they need to be.They have a lot of extra curricular activities to participate in.They are great in keeping about with parents about what is going on int the school.
My school experience so far is going very good. The staff is very nice. The school is very cleanly and has a great learning environment. I am experiencing and learning new things at this school everyday. It has a high diversity rate and I love it.
The past three years have been a whirlwind of memories. I appreciate all the friends I have made and even the teachers who's friendship I can never take for granted. I do wish the climate of the school concerning the student was healthier.
What I liked most about Merrillville High School was the diversity among the students. I had the opportunity to meet students from many different backgrounds. Also, the staff at the school were for the most part very friendly while still being an authoritative figure. However, the school’s handbook had a few rules that seemed a bit ridiculous like students unable to have shoulders exposed especially during the summer and a few other regulations. Otherwise, there wasn’t anything I really didn’t enjoy during my time at the school.
I really enjoyed how determined the staff, and system are on helping students graduate with well grades. If there was any academic problem, you could go to anyone. One thing I did notice change, however was the security system, and the new amount of teachers coming into my school. It is a little scary for the future students, but the school should be fine.
One of the best things about Merrillville High School is the diversity of the students. No one gets treated differently based of their race or religion. I also like the relationships you build getting involved in activities like sports or clubs.
Merrillville is very disverse and cultured in most regards. The school is full of different people from different walks of life and areas. The faculty and student for the most part welcome and create an environment conducive for those people to thrive and be successful. There are many clubs and programs for people. They offer academic, athletic, and other after school and inschool activities that students can be apart of.
My experience at Merrillville High school was excellent because I got to make many new friends every year. The Teachers and staff there are nice and respectful to students. And the academics at Merrillville high school were very good and also good for colleges. What I liked about Merrillville high school is that there are so many clubs to join and to get involved in. They have many different sports for students to join. And the school is diverse which is really good. I would not like to see anything change at Merrillville High school.
My experience with Merrillville High School has been average overall. There are good teachers who can allow students to feel wanted and welcomed to learn. However, there are a few teachers who are lackluster and don't provide the quality teaching that all teacher's should be providing. School culture the administration strives for (a safe, respectful, and fun environment) has been hard to reach due to a few outlying students. Merrillville High School could improve substantially if the administration can have a breakthrough with the individuals that don't believe in the respectful and safe environment Merrillville is trying to achieve.
There is a lot of diversity and a lot of opinions that you will and will not agree with in MHS but you get a good learning experiences.
My experience so far is great. I will be a senior this year and I'm looking forward to it. Merrillville High School gets you prepared for college and the real world.
It has plenty of opportunity, but it lacks the ability to focus on the kids success for themselves rather than the kids success for the school looking good.
I like how diverse the school is because you are introduced to plenty of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. I would like to see a improvement in safety and the staff as far as availability and discipline .
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What I liked most about Merrillville High school is that there is always something to be involved in. We have many extra curricular activities to participate in ranging from basketball to student government and also band/or choir. The stuff works so hard with us to get everyone more involved with our community. If there was one thing I could change about my school it would be the food. Everything else about my high school is perfect !
Merrillville should get better with student-faculty relationships but I love the different activities they incorporate. Some teachers truly care about the students and I appreciate those staff members that want to see us succeed.
If you attend Merrillville High School with a mindset focused on achieving your goals, whether it's academic or athletic, and are willing to put in the effort then I believe you WILL succeed. There are some teachers who could do better but Merrillville is the type of school that actually prepares you in the classroom for the next level of work.
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