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I would say that Merrill Highschool is pretty much an average school. I’m a sophomore currently at Merrill Highschool and I think it is a pretty much a good school. It’s saftey is alright and the College readiness is awesome they have a lot for students to chose from. There is also a lot of fun and exciting club and activities though their sports don’t have many option they are pretty much average. But their food it poor not enough food.
As a transgender student you can find a very welcoming GSA. Since it’s a school in a small town you know a lot of the people.
MHS is a very average school, the teachers are okay at best, the class options are very basic, the students are not very open to change and aren’t the nicest people in the world. You can’t really trust anyone cause it’s every man for himself. Not a lot to look forward to, it’s just real boring all the time.
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I liked the small town atmosphere, everyone knew you and your family, however, sometimes that was a burden. Not every teacher is respectful and knows how to leave personal things at the door, so if your family had/has a bad reputation you could be stuck with that as well. The faculty was focused more on test scores, than helping students learn information to help them succeed in their future.
Classes do not evolve over the course of high school career. Unless students try to challenge themselves with AP or dual credit classes, the overall layout of classes are typically the same as the year before.
Merrill High School is a very student involved school. It has prepared me mentally for what colleges are to offer me.
This school is a disgrace to the idea of public schools. I had extremely negative experiences and would never go back nor send my children, or even my younger siblings there. The material is often incorrect and outdated, perpetuating small-town narrow-mindedness and idiocy. I was not challenged at all, and I believe I was held back intellectually by the negative environment.
would never send my kids here
there were a couple good teachers but the majority were not worth the while
Overall this school does a fairly good job with health and safety policies, but some things could be changed. The school nurse is only here for a short period of time each day, and I don't think bullying is taken very seriously in some cases. The teacher of the health class at our school makes the class interesting, and fun, and the security systems are very good, and make me feel safe at this school.
I have been involved in various after school activities all over the board. I have done sports, clubs, and organizations, and volunteer work throughout my high school career. For the most part students at this school are involved in some sort of after school activity, if not multiple.
Overall my experiences at this school have been great. What makes my school unique is its flex 14 schedule which has 14 mods (periods) per day. I love this schedule because it is different every day, you have more opportunity for study halls, and the day goes by a lot faster than a traditional schedule. Many of my favorite experiences at this school involve Homecoming, such as the dress up days, skits and activities at the assembly, the powder-puff game, and the dance. I would choose this school over again because most of the teachers here care about student success, and try to make their lessons enjoyable for their students.
The teachers at my school for the most part are approachable, willing to help you outside of class, and are knowledgeable in the subject they are teaching.
The most popular or important after school activities/extracurricular is sports, almost everyone plays some kind of sport and sports are the most financial supported extracurricular at my school which is both good and bad. Its good because its getting kids up and more active but bad because our school puts too much money into sports and not enough into other important clubs such as band, choir, art and others. It just sucks because there are many kids who are so unbelievably skilled in these clubs and they don't even have the same opportunities as other kids.
I love the Flex 14 schedule that we have, it feels like we have more freedom and options when it comes to choosing classes and what time you want to have your class. It's nice because in a way it helps prepare you for your college schedule because in college you aren't necessarily going to have the same class at the same time every day. It helps you feel like it have more freedom and control over your schedule.
I love all of my teacher's, I always feel comfortable going in to talk to them after class or during free time to get help when I need it and they always help me fully understand what ever it is that I had a question on.
Sometimes it is hard to understand the teachers here while the schedule can also be troublesome.
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Our school is very cautious on these certain topics, not that slot of them are extremely prevelant to our student body.
The variety of food is abundant and there is no complaining about not having many options but the quality of the options is lacking. The pizza is extremely greasy and sometimes uneatable, the portion sizes are almost too small for the average person, and the fruit options are sometimes not the greatest. But when looking at it in the sense of we are trying to fight obesity in america, the portion sizes make sense
the disipline at this school is used more often than it should be, in the sense that a lot more students are getting in trouble than what really should be. The school does handle it though with extreme care and with the correct response
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