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Merrill High School Reviews

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Merrill is a very welcoming school. My senior class has become like one big family. I wouldn't change the school one bit. It is evolving and getting better each year.
My school is a okay school. It's located in a small town where everyone knows your name and your secrets. My school's biggest downfall is that at points they do not help the student get anywhere in life. Once we graduate we are on our own and clueless.
Unfair punishment. Bullies would get away free bullied would not
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We just got a new football field. People attend games often.
This school provides many opportunitys to excel in your academic success. The staff do not provide you with these however and you are very independent.
The school has many extracurricular activities that generally welcome all whom are interested.
The dress code is very poor and every time the students find something new they enjoy the school makes a point to put an end to it very quickly.
Merrill has a great football team which im proud to be a part of.
I havent been to any other schools so personally its hard to give an honest rate because i have nothing to compare it to.
Rude towards the students, not willing to understand if something is wrong.
Not very many elective choices, but has room for enrolling in college also
The teachers are super nice.
We have access to many things.
There aren't very many sport options.
There are no vegetarian options. I'm a vegetarian.
The teachers and principle do nothing for bullying what so ever.
I wouldn't go here again because of the students. The teachers and staff are normally nice.
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I have had two teachers prepare me for the actual college experience and even they can't make up for what my other teachers lack. I am not prepared for college.
We have good school safety. The students don't give the school a reason to be worried.
There is no diversity. Most of the students are racist and make racist comments and judge people for being different whether that be sexual orientation, ethnic/racial diversity, etc. And some of the teachers allow it.
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