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Merrill F. West High School Reviews

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there are a lot of great things about this school and I have made so many memories here. Most of the teachers are great and we have a lot of different activities that allows you to get involved. Something that would need to change are the sanitation of the bathrooms and how we need to advance more in technology.
I really enjoy the staff at Merril F. West High School. Teachers are very nice and helpful and prepare students for college. I would like to see the overall school spirit of the campus grow.
Merrill F. West High School is a wonderful school filled with many diverse students. We are a very spirited school, and we enjoy showing off our school spirit. I really love the amazing teachers who work here. they all have a one on one connection with each of their students, and you cannot find that anywhere else.
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Merrill F. West High School provided a very unique high school experience for me, which has so far been very enjoyable. Out of all the schools in the TUSD region, West has been most frequently labeled as "ghetto" and carries a drug and gang-related stigma on its shoulders. Anyone could very clearly see the reason why upon stepping on campus. However, in the midst of this ghetto, hood school, there lies a myriad of brilliant teachers and opportunity. My main reason for ranking West so highly in my mind is the Space and Engineering Academy, led by the caring and educated Randy Moehnke. This Academy, and West's AP program, have given me the education I need for the future. The extracurriculars such as clubs, coordinated by Scott Behnam, are widely available, and while we may lack the large diversity of clubs like some other campuses might have, Behnam will do anything to help support the ones we have. Overall, West has been good to me.
West High School has been one of the worst schools I’ve attended. Although it’s apperance is nice the teachers, the students and the food are all equally as bad. Teachers do not care about their students and students are not involved in their academics as they should be. The cafeteria food is expensive and it isn’t even edible. There is bullying everywhere and the school takes no action. If i could rate it 0 stars that’s definetly what id rate it.
What I like about West High is that there is a lot of diversity. We embrace other cultures and we have the best school spirit. We have a range of sports and clubs to choose from and join. I've had a really good experience here. I enjoy my teachers and my classmates. What could improve is the class sizes. Because a lot of students attend my school, sometimes classrooms can feel a bit crowded. I would like it if they were to add more stalls in the bathrooms because during passing period, if you don't walk quickly enough, you won't have time to use the restroom.
I enjoyed my stay at WHS. Although, I think they really need to evaluate a lot of their teachers. There are teachers who may be very good with the subject but fails on the idea of presenting or teaching it. In order to be college ready, you have to be part of a program. Being part of the SEA program, helped me.
I felt as though there was always a really big sense of community at West. Everyone was always willing to help one another and there weren’t cliques, just a student body.
My experience at west high has been very good. I’m am in the space and engineering academy and feel that my education is a strong priority for any teacher that I have. I feel motivated to keep learning at this school and I hope that motivation carries over to college because of my teachers here at west high.
I loved my high school experience. Of course I had my ups and downs but overall this school is amazing. The kids are a little iffy but the teachers and staff truly care about the students and are very passionate about their work. West High has a lot of enthusiasm and although their sports aren’t always the best they almost always show really good sportsmanship.
What made my time in this school great was the amount of college leveled classes and programs. The school offers a good amount of AP courses that have excellent teachers. On top of that I enjoyed my time in the Space and Engineering program provided at the school because it allowed me to take Engineering classes that set me apart from other students. I also really appreciated the library since it provided a nice, quite place to study. The complains about the school that I have are mainly maintenance. The bathrooms and locker rooms were not clean a majority of the time and most of the students attending aren't looking to try their best to succeed.
I will be a high school senior in the fall and my experience over all has been positive. they have many programs and a variety of classes to choose from. They have many sports and after school clubs you can join as well as a growing music program which i am in and love.
Merrill F West High was great time for anyone who wanted to get into the science and engineering world. We even had a great music and athletics program for people too.
But in my case, high school was just 4 years of general education. I wanted to operate a business and they did not provide classes like that. Do not get me wrong, I had amazing frineds, played sports and performed music; but, high school nothing more than a pass time until I got into college.
I like how social and diverse it is in not only the programs and clubs that they allow the students to make and run, but also the demographics of the population in the high school. The safety is weak, as the teachers have had to yell at students to close the gates in order to attempt to block off a potential school shooter. We have had a survey taken about the school's safety and what options people can have, one of which involved having an axe in the classrooms to protect against a fire and so on.
The classes and teachers are decent. Not horrible but not outstanding. I would like to see a wider variety of classes offered. For example, the only two foreign languages offered are Spanish and French. The exterior of the school is boring and could use some help.
Most of the teachers at this school are phenomenal and only wish the best for their students. However that does not mean they will give students free passes, they make sure students learn and help them apply that information into real life scenarios.
What I would like to change is the teachers. They need more enthusiasm. Other than that I love it so much. Leadership kids have the best spirit in the world and they put on some great rallies.
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The teachers are very personable and willing to help out. We have so many clubs and it’s really easy to get involved. The school members work together and there is little to none violence and bullying. The classes are ok, deffinatly not top of the standards.
As a member of the Space and Engineering Academy, it was great. I was always surrounded by likewise driven individuals, and always had a network of support and friends. As well as this, it was a great learning environment, and a safe place.
I personally enjoyed the school a lot. It has a lot of cool clubs and I joined about 3 to 4 clubs. There are a lot of clubs ranging from leisure to academic. There are also a lot of advanced placement courses which made it even better. I personally enjoyed my experience a lot but I also was focused a lot on academics and this school had a lot to offer in terms of academics.
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