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Merkel High School Reviews

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MHS is a great school to be at, it may be public but the staff and teachers are so kind and generous. They want the best only for you and will help you out in anyway possible. I recommend MHS.
The staff is phenomenal and so helpful and kind. The teachers become your friends and counselors. I loved attended Merkel High School. The classes were fun and educational.
Merkel High School was decent. Although not the best school, definitely not the worst. I would allow my children to go there. However, I would pay close attention to the information being taught. The teachers aren't terrible-- many of them are pretty average. There are a view not so good ones and a few brilliant ones. The school really tries to be innovative. However the ideas usually fall flat or are not properly done.
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I had great teachers and coaches all the way through school here. I felt that they really cared about me as a person and that meant a lot to me.
Merkel High School is well balanced in svhool activities and academics. Academics are more important to the staff and students who are involved.
I liked Merkel because it is small and you know everyone in the high school. I also like how some of the teachers really do care about your future and try to help in every way they can!
Merkel was a pretty decent school. The teachers and staff were stupendous and really great. The food was not bad but although wish they wouldn't have taken out a lot of the choices we use to get. Teachers are really great with helping you if you are willing to do your part. There's not much I would change about it.
Merkel High School is located in a small town. Merkel High school is very welcoming. The teachers spend quality time ensuring the best education for the students.
This school is all about cliques. If you weren't raised here then it is hard to be accepted into sports and groups of people.
some teachers have problems keeping up with grading papers. Most of the teachers are middle aged and like to involve new technology.
We practice lock downs at least 3 times a six weeks and we have drug tests once a six weeks and the drug dog comes at least twice a sex weeks.
The extracurricular are great. The teachers help you with anything you need and push you to your fullest potential.
I play in the high school band and I'm also enrolled in agricultural classes. I think that my best experiences have come form these two classes. I have seen improvement in myself and my overall knowledge. The teachers that teach these class go above and beyond what they are expected. They go out of there way to help with you homework or personal problems. They want you to succeed in every part of your life. My favorite experiences so far would have to be when I was sitting in my AG classes and my teacher told us some of the most important things. He told us that life can get you down but it can not keep you there.
The teacher are well rounded. Even the coaches that teach know a lot about what they are teaching. They like to mix up how they teach until they find out what works for the class. Most of the teachers will meet with a struggling student after class or during breaks. The extracellular teachers especially take time out of there schedule to help students.
I feel like I was moderately prepared for the "real world." Sure, everyone tries to prepare you for college by helping you fill out applications and everything, but sometimes it seems that all school is good for is learning how to pass a test. Being forced to "study, study, study!" but only remembering the information for that short period of time before you have to cram for the next big test.
My experience at Merkel High overall was great. Merkel is such a great school to attend for one, because when people of the community are in need everyone comes together to support. Whether it be having contests to raise money for the family or organization in need or just going to an event to show their physical support for the cause. Though the school is small enough for everyone to know you, its just the right size for you to see different people in almost every class. The faculty is also very different from what I've heard other schools to be like. They actually care about you furthering your education after high school, and most of them would be more than happy to help in any way they could by writing recommendation letters or even helping you fill out applications for schools. I can honestly say that my high school career was awesome, and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it at any other place.
Buildings are semi-urban. The carpet is overdue for replacement. Great staff all around.
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We have Band and football practice during football/marching season butnot much after that.
We have been able to get through multiple threats with ease.
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