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I love merit we are like a family. Student life is great we have dances and many other school activities that are run by the students. I am on the cheer team and it is so much to be on the team.
The teachers really cared about me and all the other students. I had an idea for a service project and with the help of a teacher, I was able to deliver 2000 pairs of shoes to people in Guatemala.
Theatre program is extremely high caliber, and the school has lots of community engagement/service/volunteer opportunities. Not as professional of an atmosphere anymore, sadly, and a lot of the best teachers have left. Still better than public school, though, and smaller, which is nice.
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I went to Merit Academy the first year it opened. It was a very strange melting pot. All of our teachers weren't very experienced but they dove into it and did their best to educate us. They were fun, relatable, and excited to teach. I'm glad I had this opportunity.
I love the science program because we used chemicals in class that most other schools in Utah don't get to use. All of the teachers in the school were nice and worked with us if we needed help with anything. The classes were really fun. In marine biology, we went on a trip to Southern California to study the sea life up close.
The teachers are amazing and want to help you succeed. The school and classes are pretty small so there's a lot more one on one with the teachers. They're always asking students what new classes they would like to take and they try to adapt to what the students want. New elective courses are being put into place all the time.
I had a great time at Merit, but there is a big drug problem (as of the 2016-2017)and even when those who used drugs openly confessed when and where they took drugs, no action was taken. Merit was a good thing for me, but I needed a change. I might not recommend going there in its current state, but if they shape up, I would be glad to.
I love it there, all the teachers are nice and friendly, they do their best to work with Meridian, HOPE Squad, ASK, Interact, Boys and Girls club, Distance Education with both UVU and Snow colleges, our administrators, and class presidencies. Merit has done a great job with both a low budget and fewer students. If I were to say something that I'd like to change, it would have to be about the state itself I would like there to be a bigger budget so that students can learn better, Merit had the best SAGE testing scores of the area, Merit produces amazing and bright students who will go places, whereas the other schools who produce less intelligent students, or students who care not for school in any form, gain more of a budget and gain nicer technologies.
My first year here has been better than previous schools, but a lot of things could improve, like the way some teachers teach lessons. Not everyone learns the same and that needs to be realized.
Merit Academy is seriously the best, it is a small number of students, and everyone knows each other. It feels more like a family environment. Everyone is included, and people aren't left out. It's really fun, seeing as the school is going more towards project based learning. We make rings in science class with an acetylene torch, and every time we learn about a certain chemical reaction we then do it, to see what it looks like in real life. That is just one example, the whole school is hands on like that. The teachers are not teachers, they are more like friends, and they really connect with the students. It's just an awesome school!
At Merit we found a school replete with inconsistency and unprofessionalism. The music program is mediocre. The school boasts a PBL program, but that is not what is being offered. The recently hired Director is a weak leader who has issues with integrity and solid leadership. He does not respond to parental concerns. His only goal is to promote his philosophy of Expeditionary Learning, while not being qualified to run it. In regard to the coach who was let go this year, the "small group of elite athletes included over 50 student athletes who were directly affected. Not to mention the financial fiasco the school is in at the present time. The budget is in the red and has been for multiple years. Other good teachers are also leaving because of the incompetence of the new Director. Discipline issues are increasing and some of the teachers feel that the lack of Administrative presence is the reason. On a positive note, the theater program is good at Merit as well as the small classes.
I like the teachers and the atmosphere of Merit College Preparatory Academy. There have been a few rough bumps in the time I have been here - changes in administration, teachers, and programs seem to happen all the time now. Even though I may not like all of the choices the new administration is making, I believe that this school is worthwhile, has a good program with better teachers, and, best of all, has really good lunches.
Merit is a like family. Our kids love it here. The arts programs are wonderful and top notch. Kids get a chance to shine in a lot of different ways. The teachers care about the students and kids don't get lost in the crowd. The new director has had to make some tough decisions this year, but his dedication and vision have been a breath of fresh air. The departure of the basketball coach was tough on some kids, but outside of a small group of elite athletes, he was not well liked by the students or teachers. He caused a lot of unnecessary drama that is now gone from the school. Oh and they have a professional chef that makes school lunches. Nothing like the gross food I ate in high school. Stop by and check out Merit for yourself. Our family has had a great experience at Merit.
If you like theater, basketball, soccer, sometimes baseball, and small classroom sizes, Merit Academy is right for you. This public charter school really did make me feel ready to go to UVU. If I went anywhere else, I don't think Merit would have prepared me well enough. The teachers are great though. The staff they have hired for each field is great and ready to work with each student individually due to the small class sizes. Although the Administration is in and out almost every year, the board of directors always has an ear to the ground ready to help find the students suitable replacements.
For two years Merit was exactly the school we wanted for our children. But after multiple directors coming and going, drama amongst staff that trickled down to students and a new director who is arrogant and refuses to see his own weaknesses and strengths in his staff, Merit quickly became our worst nightmare. The saving grace at the school was the athletic director and his wife who both coached and taught. The director couldn't stand to have someone on his staff that challenged him or had better ideas then him. Add to that a school board with three shady adults who made decisions behind the scenes and you now have the train wreck that Merit is. I would NEVER recommend this school to anyone!
The teachers were all extremely nice and well known in their subjects. The student body was very open and kind to students. My only complaint would be that because the school is fairly new, I felt the council lacked experience in making tough choices.
The amount of clubs and time and effort put in is really good considering school size
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I only say it was okay because, I loved part of my time there but not all of it. Some years where better than others, And it was a bit rough when some of the seniors left. And the school culture tends to shift year to year. I didn't like it my last two years, mostly because I was just ready to move on and I thought most of the people in my grade where hard to get along with. I also think that in some ways the culture has improved in other ways it has gotten worse as years go on. For example I really like a lot of faculty, and I like a few of the things they try to do to help the students. Even if they could be a bit more supportive of the space camp.(though company they are doing it through is bit of a pain to work with, story for another day) But the really problem is the students. Many of them are great, but their overall culture is a bit of a mess. I might think that because When I stared there bullying was not accepted or condoned by the students. Now while I have not personally been a victim of it, and it is rare and still disapproved of, it is starting to slip in.

Perhaps That wont be a problem there as years go on, or maybe it will I think it's really up to those who are there.
It's a small school in a low-crime community. Kids feel safe here. It's not even an issue.
We have basketball, volleyball, soccer, and cross country teams, a cheer squad with both genders, an award winning Cyber Security competing club, an anime club, a Dr. Who club, a Spanish club, a cooking club, a creative writing club, and Card game club. That doesn't even cover the amazing class opportunities of Theater Performance, Dance Company, Ballroom Company, Symphonic Band, Ceramics, 3D art, Drawing, Science Demo team, or Discovery Space Camp! There are so many ways to be involved here!
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