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My daughter is a freshman at MMA. She has had a wonderful experience thus far. She entered this school as the only one from her elementary school and has gained many friends. MMA has an assortment of activities and I love the opportunities they create for the girls to make connections from the very first day of acceptance. The Academics are very rigorous, but they make sure that they include fun and spirit in their curriculum. There are many girls who look like my daughter, which was very important to my husband and I. Finally the support that she has received from the faculty has been amazing. We are very happy with the choice she made to attend MMA.
I did not feel like I belonged truly. After my graduation, there was many racial discrimination and disputes to minorities that were currently attending. I knew it wasn't just a foggy mind that I had. The educators were nice and I did feel like I had a great education, however I regret coming here because I didn't feel belonged which is most important for a young girl.
I love the welcoming vibe and how all of the girls always have each others back. I would tell any girl to come here who want to meet their sisters they would have never had before.
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I love the sisterhood and how welcoming the school is. You will never feel like you do not belong. The girls love each other and the school and always will accept you for who you are.
I hated my time there. The school environment was very white and toxic for minorities . If you are kids is POC or gay, I do not recommend spending your money on this school. The administration has a lot of issues to work on.
MMA is a school grounded in a strong mission of mercy from Catherine McAuley. This is the strongest thread in our school that holds us together. More than anything, MMA teaches the whole person, not just the mind. Furthermore, the academics have a reputation of being the best in the region for girls-education. The all-girls environment creates a culture of self-confidence, acceptance, and support. MMA has taught me how to be a better and more determined person.
Great academics. Prepared for college and life, Great social setting as well. Team sports, clubs, and activities are excellent. I have made friends for life, both students and teachers.
Extremely disappointed in way minorities are treated. I am very diverse and wish that all students were treated the same. I always wanted to be a "Mercy Girl'. My mother is an alumnae and did not have any diversity when she was a student. There is not enough school spirit or ways in when all students are not separated by race. The minorities are not welcomed and it is blatant. I am ashamed and embarrassed how students that not of my race are treated!
Merion Mercy was an average school in terms of academics. Although the overall experience that I had outside of the classroom wasn't as good as I had hoped it to be. There are not many fun events or school spirit days or anything like that. The student body is not very diverse in terms of African Americans. The school could improve by doing things that bring excitement to the school and build school spirit.
Merion Mercy Academy was the most amazing experience of my life. The teachers were incredible and I still go to them for help with my college work. The atmosphere is a feeling of being loved by everyone in the school. I have made some of my forever friends at Merion. Coming to college, I was confident that I was fully prepared for the higher education.
Merion Mercy Academy is a great school that prepares for college as well as helping them become strong, confident young women who are ready to make a difference in the world.
My daughter loves Merion Mercy Academy! She loves her teachers and her classes and is consistently challenged. I truly feel the teachers love their job and the students they teach which is evident in their interactions with the students.
Merion Mercy is a good school with good people. The school supports student-athletes and celebrates accomplishments. Although religion is a big aspect of the community, one does not need to be catholic to attend.
I loved that Merion Mercy Academy shows mercy in all areas of their academic experience. Someone is always available to assist and guide me when needed and I never feel abandoned.
Merion Mercy Academy is an all girl school that offers many opportunities. My school practices and teaches the principles of the Sisters of Mercy. The school has a strong academic curriculum that supports preparatory classes for college and life. Along with the academics, the school has a strong athletic program. Within the various sports, the school is not only competitive; but has won various championships. The school possess clubs and organizations that provide extracurricular activists not only during normal school hours, but after too. Students have the ability to travel locally and internationally in volunteer programs to asssit the poor and unfortunate people Merion Mercy Academy is an overall excellent school. Girls go in not knowing each other, friendships are developed and before leaving, a sisterhood in Mercy is forged.
I love Merion, it's second home to me and I couldn't have asked for a better high school experience. The teachers truly care about their students. The girls are all nice and I feel close with my entire class, but not so close that we get tired of each other. I feel like I have definitely been challenged and pushed to the best of my ability. The guidance and college counselors are so helpful and always there. I've learned so much more than just the basic subjects while at Merion. Merion has really taught me about the world and influenced my desire to help people and to do service.
It has been a great experience for me. I have a long commute everyday, but it is so worth it. The teachers are great and everyone is very helpful and caring. I love MMA!
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I love Merion. It's a school that has a lot of weird quirks that make it so special. Weenie Roast, Advent Angels, and so many other moments make this school so special and unique. Although the academics can be stressful at times, teachers would be happy to help any student struggling. The sisterhood is definitely real and there is a sense of community among the grades. There are many things I would change about the school, though. Many of the teachers are difficult understand when they're teaching. Some policies are ridiculous and some punishments are more lenient though it should've been much worse. The administration is unreasonable. In going to Merion, you are paying for the wonderful experience you'll likely have, not much else.
Marion has a myriad of clubs and activities. And the cool part is that if you want to start a club, the faculty and administration is happy to help you along the way. One of the newest clubs is the Huan Yi club, or welcome club. This club was started by a pair of Chinese exchange students who want to share their culture with others in the school. This club is open to anyone to join and focuses on Asian cultures but there is also a French, Latin, Spanish, and Multicultural club.
I really appreciate all that this school has taught me. I excelling in my college classes and did not feel anxious or nervous starting. It has taught me how to be independent but also know when to ask for help, how to be a strong women, and most important how to be the best version of myself. During high school, I was involved in varsity athletics, yearbook, mathletes, and the biotechnology club all while maintaining honors. While some days it was hard to get everything done, I am truly ready for almost anything that can be thrown at me.
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