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Merino Junior Senior High School Reviews

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Overall the school is pretty good. The only negative side is that the school primarily focuses on sports/physical activity rather than actual curriculum.
My school is very small compare to other schools. bullying in this school is not a problem we have some cases but teacher usually resolved them.This schools is very secure ever since i been here they haven't had any incidents of any type regarding personal safety. this school is very safe there is teaches that are train in Fist Aid and CPR
In my school sport are the only after school activities. A lot of student try to get involved some cant because they have jobs after school. Overall the sport are pretty great.
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My experience at this school as been the best so far. Student at this school are very friendly and the teachers as well. My best childhood memories happens during the course of the years i attended to this school. My peers push me to be better and my teacher never let me fail a class. they were always pushing me to get better grades. the community during sport games were always cheering me before and after the games on my performance. The students , teaches and community are the best anyone could find in a small rural town
We have FCCLA, DECA, and FFA, where we have great success. There isn't after school activities besides sports. We have a wellness committee, as well as Student Council. No others organizations come to mind.
It is a small community school. Everyone knows everyone and they treat each other like family. The entire community supports the athletic teams. I personally love activity breaks in the middle of classes to help us relax our brain for getting overwhelmed. I love the wellness committee and their goal to make out school healthier and active.
The teaching staff is extremely helpful. They will do their best to help every student succeed. All the teachers are beyond knowledgeable on their respective classes. Overall a great school with great teachers.
The Merino Schools hire qualified/competent staff members. There are several teachers in particular who work very hard to make their classroom setting both fun and educational. Some students are expected to do better than others (by some teachers) so grading isn't always unbiased. I think that most of the teachers care about the student population. Some teachers are very easy to approach, others are somewhat difficult to approach.
The office staff and principal at Merino are great. They're very supportive in any student's endeavors. Bullying is (unfortunately) sometimes ignored. The dress code at Merino is fairly relaxed, but is enforced in situations that it's necessary.
The building and facilities at Merino are great. There have been a lot of updates made over the last few years to make it a fantastic environment. In terms of technology, there are a variety of desktop computers and laptops for students to use, which is nice. There are also Mimeo boards in each classroom which are modern day projectors hooked up to laptops. Tutoring has recently been offered by a local parent, which has been nice. In addition, students are often willing to help each other out when need be. I have never had to ride a bus to school, but I have ridden the buses to various school events. They are clean and seem fine to me.
Merino Schools have a lengthy history of excelling at sports. The coaches have been good and athletes train hard to be the best they can. The facilities are pretty good (excluding the track, which is just dirt). I really like that any students can participate if they wish; there are no tryouts. Fans are very supportive (when the teams are doing well). Our school's wellness committee helped construct at 1.1 mile fitness trail route that is open to the school/community. This was a groundbreaking idea, as most schools have nothing like it.
The cooks at Merino Schools work hard, but due to budget constraints, menu items are often processed instead of fresh. However, there is a salad bar available to jr./sr. high students. The items on the salad bar are usually great: there's lots to choose from: salad, cottage cheese, a variety of dressings, pasta salad, potato salad, and a TON of fresh fruit and veggies.
Since Merino is a small school, it has some pros and cons with it. I love the fact that I'm very close to my classmates and that teachers are easy to talk to/willing to work with me. Unfortunately, the smallness also means that there aren't a ton of class options/variety. I LOVE the various projects that our school organizations put on. FCCLA has put on a Winter Wonderland for elementary students the last few years. Student council purchases clothes and toys for elementary kids at a low income school in Denver during the holiday season. FFA puts on a petting zoo for kids. The drama department puts on AMAZING shows three times a year that brings the whole community out to see them. These are just a few examples of the cool things Merino High School participates in.
When considering the size of Merino Schools (110 high school students), the amount of extracurricular opportunities offered is great. The clubs offered are: Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Future Farmers of America (FFA), National Honor Society (NHS), student council, choir, and band. In addition, Merino offers these sports: football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and cheerleading. The club advisers are all pretty awesome. They all put amazing effort into their organizations and work hard to make them a great place for students to grow. The athletic groups are also good: athletes are pushed not only to excel on the court/field/track/mat, but they're pushed to excel in the classroom. Merino has an array of club/organization options that's awesome for a school of it's size.
The Merino School system is pretty good. The teachers work very hard and are usually willing to go the extra mile to help students who are struggling. The grading scale is on a seven point system rather than the ten point system (93%-100%=A, etc). The goal behind this is to push students. Unfortunately, the GPA scale isn't adjusted to match this, so one 92% can dock a good students GPA pretty easily. The school is currently implementing a new schedule in an effort to improve state testing scores. Classes will be an hour and a half and alternate every other day. I'm excited to see how this goes over; hopefully it will be a good change for both students and teachers. It's a small school, so there aren't a ton of classes to choose from. That being said, most of the teachers are excellent at what they do. Merino also offers some clubs and sports, which is definitely great. Plus, I LOVE how close my classmates and I have become since we've grown up together. Overall, Merino is a good school: it has some positives and some negatives.
It's definitely cafeteria food. Being in a small town, we can't really leave for lunch with the time allowed. The cleanliness is always good. Due to a new state law, we can't get seconds on the salad bar, so that was a major downer to students here. There is always a variety of options on the salad bar to make sure students can keep a healthy lifestyle.
With the new addition of enrichment classes, students can choose anything from woodworking to culinary arts to yoga/dance. Our counselor is very helpful in finding what's best for the student. With the block schedule, we get time to work in class. We also switch classes every two days to make it easier on the student. Most teachers are laid back, but very serious in the classroom.
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We have drama, Future Farmers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, and Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. With the small amounts of students we have, everyone has a place in their school. The teachers leading the organizations are really open to any ideas that the students have and love to help.
With a small school, there are few people who don't play at least one sport. We are very supportive of others, and the ones who don't have sports in every season always support the current athletes. In the next few years, we are planning to have a new track and football field put in. Right now, we have a dirt track going around our fabulous football field. We will be putting in an all weather track that will not only look better, but it will give the track athletes a better practice facility.
As a high school student, I've had my share of "bumps in the road" while going through high school. With the help from teachers, my principal, and my peers, I have really gotten back on track. The students here are my family. At Merino, there's something for everybody, especially with the new addition of classes offered.
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