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This school is actually a good school if you want to come here to be able to handle moving onto college and getting a lot on your resume/transcript. However, what this school lacks is a connection and understanding of their students. Students here (especially 10th grade and up) are extremely stressed and unhappy and the administration does nothing to help. Well at least, the college workload won't be a surprise.
Meridian is academically challenging, and they really do care about everyone who goes to the school. However, the teachers are sometimes low quality, and there are unfair consequences for insignificant matters.
We've been here since the very first year and cannot speak highly enough about Meridian! My kids are getting the most amazing education!
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The environment is very healthy. Everyone gets along and no harm is done. Very good education and teachers help out a lot.
Meridian’s staff has a lot of heart, but the admin won’t train them better in mental health scenarios. There have been multiple attempted suicides at the school. None publicized or talked about. You’d think they’d do something but they haven’t.
Meridian is a great school with amazing educational programs that prepare the students for what lies ahead in college. The teachers greatly care about the success of the student and go above and beyond to make sure the student achieves their goals. The administration takes a ridiculous amount of time making sure the student body is happy. If there is ever an issue, they try to see both sides of the story before making a decision in addition to being very empathetic when students are facing tough times academically. Overall, Meridian is a very welcoming and achieving school that I am very proud to call my school.
Meridian provides a great IB education with an interesting curriculum, a small environment, caring and dedicated teachers, involved parents, and great friends. It's a rigorous program, but teacher are always available to help. One thing they could improve would be adding more elective options in high school.
Meridian is very academically stressful, especially in the upper class grades. The academic rigor does not match the counseling services and mental health resources available to students. While the environment is generally safe, there is little diversity in that all of the students are mostly academically geared. There are very little course options, barely any extracurriculars or sports, and a general sense of mental deterioration.
The teacher genuinely care for the well being of the students including their education. Though we are not funded as well as public schools, the school still does everything they can to make the students and the school successful.
The teachers are nice, but the social setting isn't the very best. The workload is very intensive and hard to keep up with.
I loved attending this school because it was not an ordinary school. Meridian is a place where tudents could open their minds and work hard to achieve an ultmate goal. As an IB student, I was challenged daily, weekly, and yearly to achieve the IB Diploma. This school builds character and establishes relationships with the teachers that will last forever. The facilities are nice and modern, the teachers are excellent at what they do and they treat students as close friends, wanting them to succeed in academia. They care about their students and love watching them grow. Along with academia, clubs and activites at the school were fun to be a part of. The food when I was there was subpar, but has improved since I graduated. In the area of sports, their Basketball program is by far the most excellent.

Overall, I loved what the school offered and I still miss being there with close friends and teachers.
Classes can be tough, but teachers always help.
Diverse range of clubs, MUN is very popular here.
It's a tough curriculum, but I have learned a lot.
The teachers are amazing, accessible, and helpful.
I have never doubted the safety of the school.
Since we are not a fully developed public school, we do not have many things offered yet. Being a small charter school is great for academics; however, there could be more extracurricular activities and sports.
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It's extremely academically challenging, but I feel beyond prepared for college.
Most teachers have such a life-changing impact on students. I could not be more grateful.
I have never felt unsafe.
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