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Meridian Technical Charter High School Reviews

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A great school with limitless opportunities for those who are willing to work for it, many different pathways with amazing teachers who care about the students.
There are several positive aspects of attending MTCHS. The small class size make learning easy and the teachers know your name, strengths and weaknesses. A few things I'd like to see improved are the social experiences, maybe even a class teaching social skills. Many of the students are introverts at the school because of the specific curriculum structure, however that does not mean they should not have social skills. They are highly important to get a job in the future no matter what technical skills you possess. I would also like to see more teaching. Several classes are online learning which can be hard for students at this age. A big thing I would like to see is to have new students enter at different grades, currently only Freshmen are allowed and there are no new friends to meet each year.
The teachers truly care about each and every student. The counselor is invested in helping students find their passion and the right school for them. You are introduced to several fields of technology before even graduating from high school and are required to complete an 255-hour internship in the field of your choice. This hands-on experience is what makes Meridian Technical Charter High School unique and gives it an edge over other schools.
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One thing I would like to see changed would be the amount of activity days. I think the number should be increased.
This school is an amazing school i have enjoyed every year, the class sizes are small and the teachers are all very helpful. Meridian Technical Charter High School is a great school to learn technology at
Meridian Technical Charter High School has prepared me for the workforce since the first day of my Freshman year. The knowledge they have provided had made me ready for college and life in general.
I like the tech focused instruction. Every club is centered around technology or community servicer.
I have been very happy with my time at MTCHS. I have learned a lot about technology and computer science and can't wait to continue my high school career! The teachers are very knowledgeable and are able to provide one-on-one learning help due to the low number of enrolled students (200). The school community is similarly affected by the small class size: you quickly become friends with everybody in your grade level, and many others outside of it as well. :)
I loved my experience at this school; I learned a lot, and grew in unexpected ways.
I highly recommend joining SkillsUSA: it is the largest student group in the school, and the teachers are very engaged in it.
School nurse travels from different schools.
Love this school. Great educational opportunities for tech related things.
You are expected to do well. There are no electives, because your electives are your technology related classes. It can be extremely fun, and the teachers really care about you, but it's also hard work. A lot of things are hyped up such as grade level projects, but really they aren't so bad. I've really enjoyed my time here, and though I tend to complain, I don't think I would make it at any other school. It's perfect for nerds and people who like technology.
Going to this school has helped me learn new things from my self and others.
I think that the school gives great opportunities to students that have an interest in technical skills. For me, I am interested in Computer Science. This school gives you a good starting point to which you can go further on your own if you want. The school also gives you opportunities to see what it is really like to work in the industry. For example, I had an internship at the local HP campus in Boise. It gave me a look into what working in the field really was like.
Some of the policies are redundant and overused. The sexual harassment policies need to be refined they have been really generalized so much so that anything could really be considered sexual harassment.
All the food is pretty healthy. There are snacks but they maintain proper portions.
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People who play sports play for their home schools. Freshmen are typically not very fit, but as they progress to seniors they usually get more fit.
Each teacher will go out of their way to make sure every student gets the material. It is actually very hard to fail because they will constantly find you if you don't do your work.
Everyone is really relaxed and accepting of everyone else.
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