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Uniforms... for all the things that do well here. I remember a time when most of the school was in detention for some sort of uniform violation. It cold be as simple as not tucking your shirt in and the uniforms are ugly.

The administration is not very responsive to the students or wasn't when I was there. Things may have changed since then the current principal I think may be more responsive but I don't know if the board has changed enough to allow good responsiveness to the students. They are very strict on the rules.

The office staff is very helpful. I always enjoyed them and always got what I needed.

They have a very strict drug policy and I have only heard one instance of drugs and that person got expelled.
This was a good school to prepare my for college in general, however it wasn't the best with the goals I had in mind but the best I could do at the time. The school politics were a pain but the education benefits were great. This school academic reputation is probably one of the reasons I got into the university I did. They get great results from the individual attention they can give because of the small school size.
Students get a lot of personal attention since the school is small, but for the same reason there isn't a lot variety in the electives. The curriculum is challenging and the teachers are excellent! The school is well known by the colleges as a good college prep school and they love students from this school.
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I love the teachers at Meridian. They are so willing to help the students in any way and they often make it fun as well. They are a few exceptions to this but overall, I would recommend Meridian for the teachers to anyone. I had a creative writing teacher that would work after school on a story with me most days and there. My biology teacher sent my slides when I got sick so I could keep up with school. She also made things fun and interesting. I love Meridian teachers!
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