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You will love it! The teachers and staff are so supportive, and with such small class times you will get to know your teachers and learn from there so much better than any other School.
I walked into this school with an understanding of its rigor and challenges. I did not understand what they would be for certain but I knew that this was the holding potential. MMACHS gives each student the ability to explore their strengths and weaknesses with the face of challenge. I was able to come out of my shell and explore not only who I was academically but who I was as an individual. Something unique that those who attend can gain through MMACHS, are REAL WORLD SKILLS. These are pertinent to the success of all realms. I have learned more about myself and who I will be as a hard-working member of society due to the values, knowledge, and experience gained through this route of education. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an MMACHS student and the tight-knit family we all know it to be.
Meridian Medical Arts Charter holds its students to the highest standards. I have never seen teachers care about me as much as they have. I have achieved amazing things academically and find myself prepared for my future all because they saw what I could do and gave me tools so I could see it too. I have friendships that will last forever and skills that I will take with me. As my graduation creeps closer I find that the pressure of the school will either turn coal to diamond or completely crush you. With aspects of the less than 200 population its hard not to feel like a failure when faced with a pool of success. They expect a lot from you and if you fail to deliver then it feels like your world is over. They grade harshly and you'll find yourself in tears while the sunrises.
I love my school but I wish they had greater empathy for the human side of those who are "academically successful".
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Meridian Medical is an amazing school that has changed me. It is a school full of students who strive to be involved and to do their best. It has help me to decide that I want to pursue a career in the medical field as I go out into the medical community and as I learn more about medicine in the classroom. It is a rigorous school that requires a lot of work and determination, but it is definitely worth it.
This school is fantastic. If you are looking for a way to excel in education an better your future, this school is right for you. As a freshman we are currently making pristine resumes. We learn many essential tools for life. For instance, we learn interviewing skills and presentation skills. We also learn to dress to impress, the dress code executes this. As well as, we dress in professional clothing. The homework load isn’t as horrible as everyone says. If you manage your time well and get things done it is quite easy. The teachers there are phenomenal, they are always there to help and provide to their students. They are willing to go above and beyond. However, the food in this district of Westada is terrible, I would recommend bringing lunch as a freshman or until you can drive and leave campus. We have refrigerators and microwaves for the students to use. Overall, the school is amazing in preparing students with credits, and skills for college and the adult world.
Everyone at the school is there to help you achieve your goals and dreams even if they are not medically related.
Best, most impact choice in my life was choosing to go to MMACHS. I'll be forever grateful for the people I got to meet and the opportunities I was given.
MMACHS has been such a blessing to my life. All the staff members are nice and willing to help at a drop of a hat. MMACHS has also given me so many opportunities and experiences (CERT, college credit classes, internships in the community, HOSA - Future Health Professionals, and a multitude of community service events). All of the classes have a healthcare spin on the curriculum (when possible) and the teachers challenge their students to do well and form their own opinions on the topics discussed. The social environment is very friendly and every grade level becomes very close friends (especially since each grade level has an average of 50 students each).
MMACHS really sets you up for your future. Taking college courses starting sophomore year, I earned a total of 44 credits. CNA, EMT, Internships, Pharm Tech, CMAA, really sets you up to have a job right out of high school. Going into the workforce right after high school, employers are impressed, as well as the current employees. The workload at MMACHS can be a lot if you think about it, and it can catch up to you, but in the end it's worth what you put in. Staying on top of your work will put you ahead tremendously. The teachers and staff become your best friends, and will help you with whatever you need, whenever you need it. They are a great support system and there will always be someone you butt heads with, however MMACHS is one big family by the time you graduate.
Small student to teacher ratio. Teachers are actively involved with student success. Most classes are dual credit classes. Great opportunity to make community connections in the health care field.
I love Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School. It is full of life and kids who are determined to do good in school who want to be there. My school is so supportive and always has us learning something new and exciting. It is a smaller community so you really get that one on one time with tour teachers if you need it. Overall my school is an amazing place that wants to see kids thrive and excel.
It’s a great community and it’s fun to work with people. However, we’re limited on clubs and we need to go to a home high school for sports or arts. If any, it’s not a bad school.
I love being able to get ahead of my college education at a faster pace. The environment of having a small class size is amazing!! You get to know everyone very well, sometimes even a little too well.
It was a very good school that helped prepare me for college. But they were picky about very unnecessary things.
I had an amazing high school experience. The classes were amazing. I entered college with the credit stand of a sophomore. My teachers were all absolutely amazing, they are some of the greatest mentors I have ever had in my life. I love visiting, and they’re even invested in me after I have graduated.
I truly enjoyed the quality of education I received here. I had strong teachers for almost every class I took, and you can tell they want to be there. You also have so many unique opportunities (field trips, college tours, competitions, etc.) that you will simply not find at other public schools. The biggest challenge with MMACHS is the small class size. Drama is inescapable, rumors spread, and it makes it quite challenging at times. However, if you are looking to be prepared for the field of medicine or simply for success in college, this school will certainly provide that.
I loved the teachers. The teachers were available when you need them. They were easy to talk to. You know everyone in your grade level and most people in other grade levels.
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The teachers work close to all the students and with a small amount of classmates my teachers were able to see who was struggling and help them one on one. There were times I felt like they were not only there to educate me but to ensure that I will succeed no matter what my dream is.
A very fun yet challenging school that is great for getting a jump-start on your education, especially if you're thinking of going into the medical field. Amazing staff and experience.
Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School was in fact the BEST decision of my life. Not only did I graduate with my EMT, CNA, and CMAA licenses--I also graduated with many college credits. This school pushes you, encourages you, and even takes the time to help you with anything you need. MMACHS became a family. With classes focusing on sciences, each class integrates medical things so that you can further your education in the medical field. If you are interested in pursuing a medical career, I highly recommend this school.
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