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Meridian Medical Arts Charter School Reviews

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The teachers work close to all the students and with a small amount of classmates my teachers were able to see who was struggling and help them one on one. There were times I felt like they were not only there to educate me but to ensure that I will succeed no matter what my dream is.
A very fun yet challenging school that is great for getting a jump-start on your education, especially if you're thinking of going into the medical field. Amazing staff and experience.
Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School was in fact the BEST decision of my life. Not only did I graduate with my EMT, CNA, and CMAA licenses--I also graduated with many college credits. This school pushes you, encourages you, and even takes the time to help you with anything you need. MMACHS became a family. With classes focusing on sciences, each class integrates medical things so that you can further your education in the medical field. If you are interested in pursuing a medical career, I highly recommend this school.
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I really love the focused academics and that teachers are so willing to help, but at times the teachers can be very strict when it comes to not offering extra credit or rounding by .1%
Meridian Medical Arts Charter High school is a horrible school to attend. At this school you miss out on the high school experience and having a social life as you are always swamped with school work.
I absolutely loved Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School. It prepared me for the medical field and offered so many opportunities.
From attending MMACHS for the last three years I have had a great education and have taken classes I would not have had the opportunity to take at a traditional high school. A majority of the teachers are kind and create a fun learning environment. I also love how the school is centered around the medical field, so students are able to graduate with a CNA or EMT. All the students are intelligent and hard working. This creates an encouraging learning environment.
It's a great school but it is very hard. You have to really want to go there for it to be worth it. You graduate with your CNA and/or EMT.
This is an excellent school, but not for everyone. For those of you who have a love for medicine or are unsure of where you would like to go in life this school is a great option. At MMACHS you will learn professionalism, develop networking skills, have a great deal of fun, work hard, prepare for college, and learn many things medicine. This school may not be for everyone, but I don't know where I would be without it. The staff is great and as are many of the friends you would make here.
My experience at MMACHS has been a great one. I have met some of the kindest and best teachers around, a counselor and other office administration who will be there with an open mind and ear. They have been tremendously helpful with my college preparation. After this year I will be attending college to major in nursing and get my RN, without MMACHS this goal would be much harder to accomplish. If I were you, I would definitely consider Meridian Medical Arts and apply.
If you are looking for a great medical centered High School, that will prepare you for College this is a great school. One warning though, you need to be serious about going into the Medical field because this school is both challenging and intense. I enrolled in the school my sophomore year, and although I was a year behind in Medical studies the teachers helped me learn everything I needed. It is a smaller school so you get to know pretty much everyone there, which is great because everyone is your friend.
Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School prepared me better than I could have ever imagined for the world of medicine. I came into college already knowing most of what I needed to know in many of my classes. Thanks to the amazing curriculum that this school offers, I feel like I am ahead in my journey towards becoming a nurse. This school has taught me everything I know today about medicine and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to attend it.
I am an alumni of this school and I absolutely loved it. I came out with a ton of Sports Medicine experience, advanced college prep, and nationally EMT certified. Best decision I ever made was to go to MMACHS.
The work was rigorous but it definitely paid off. They offer many college credits and also offer many opportunities. The school prepares us for college, health field, and life in general.
If there is anyone living in the West Ada School District who also love academics/the medical field, this school should be on your radar! Not only does it prepare me for university through its rigorous courses, it also teaches you whether or not you are willing to make the commitment to become a health professional!
This is the best school in the West Ada school district. The teachers care so much, and will work with you if you are confused. The academics and college readiness is the best you can get.
Personally, Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School has been one of the best experiences for me. The staff here have no only exceeded the professionalism expectations, and education requirements. But they go above and beyond to make sure that we can head off to college and do the same. I've continued to excel in school from my peers and teachers pushing me to be my best, and that is something very rewarding.
I love it so much because it keeps me involved in my school work! The school provides so many opportunities for my future, it opens doors to my colleges that I want to attend. I want to pursue medicine and this school has put me in the right track to do so and I am fortunate to go to this school of medicine.
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I chose to attend Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School (MMACHS) because it was a school that promised me the best opportunity to further my interest in pharmacy. The academics are rigorous and constructive. MMACHS offers 48 credits worth of concurrent credits and operates in an environment much like a university. Countless alumni have come back expressing their gratitude for how much this school has prepared them for college. It has given me countless experiences in the real medical world, granting me job shadows, internships, surgery tours, and bringing other medical professionals that have helped to further my understanding of pharmacy. If I could go anywhere else, I’d still choose to continue coming to MMACHS. I would love to see the Wi-Fi run faster and our laptops upgraded. Overall, my school is phenomenal, giving me the knowledge, experience, and technical skills I need to pursue a successful career in clinical pharmacy.
MMACHS has been a great experience. Their goal is to create the best healthcare students possible, and it can be seen through the variety of opportunities given to the students. Dual enrollment, internships, and certifications are all part of the curriculum, ultimately allowing students to graduate with as much as an advantage as possible.
I really wish that we had more clubs.
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