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Meridian High School Reviews

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its not the best but it works for me and I really like them.
its a pretty good school. the staff there are willing to work with the students.
I really can't stress how bad the food is enough
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Our food is so bad it has literally made me sick multiple times but the administration won't change anything
they suck and no one likes them at all
the football field and track are probably the worst in the state but we have a brand new gym thats nice
i'd say 3 teachers do their jobs very well while the rest lack ways to contact them and don't try to help students
Sports teams aren't very good, could improve coaches
The social scene at this school is very diverse. A lot of people who attend this school have different views on things that go on at this school and they are very opinionated! There isn't very much peer pressure that goes on at my school, it happens every once in a while. Everybody is different in their own way! There is a crowd or group of people you can hang out around no matter how different you are. There is a friend for everybody at Meridian High School.
The school that I attend is very helpful. Even though I attend a very small school the school still tries to give me the possible resources that I need to succeed. Our principle, guidance counselors, and office staff often push for each student to do well in school and attend college in the future. Bullying isn't tolerated at my school and they are very strict when it comes to following the rules of the dress code. If a student misses too many days of school being unexcused the principal and a correctional officer will make a personal trip to your house to check on you. I believe that Meridian High School handles all situations well for the most part.
My school probably isn't the best school around, but I know for a fact that even though it is a small school and it has it's ups and down I wouldn't trade it for anything. The students are great and majority of the staff cares about the students! It's as if we are all one big family :)
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