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I like the small, comfortable size of the school, lunch is decent most days, but there is not very many athletic people, so i am not sure how much longer we will continue having teams.
Meridian is not a bad school, it requires work here and there, but other than that it's fairly decent.
My experience with meridian high school was great i enjoyed going to class and learning but my best experience was going to ag class working in the shop
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I loved going to a small town school, at Meridian, during times of tragedies, the whole community would come together, and support one another, that is something you do not find in bigger schools.
I've been attending Meridian my whole life and I've always loved the teachers. We've had so many who truly care about the students. Our counselor, Karen Robinson, is absolutely wonderful and takes an interest in the students. I would like for Meridian to develop more school spirit and have some more parent involvement. I believe we could have better facilities and resources if we had a larger budget, however.
It is very small. There are not very many academic opportunities such as AP/IB or clubs/societies. The food is more often than not gross. There is not very much diversity when it comes to race/religion/politics, as most around Meridian are middle-class white conservatives. Some of the teachers are amazing and really care about you, but others have been there so long, they really don't try anymore. If you are boy, the sports program is great! For girls, not so much. The same could be said about the relationship between Varsity/Junior varsity players.
What I enjoy about Meridian High School is it gives you many options to online college classes and many computer classes. The changes I would like to see is to have more bathrooms, more textbooks available, and different classes that would apply to our career.
The teachers at Meridian High School are really good at what they do. Mr. Brigham, one of the best teachers we have teaches math, and by the end of the year she is always able to make every student who is enrolled in her classes understand, she even helps students who are not in her class. There is two other teachers, Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Adams, who always care about the "little guys" at our school, they have that amount of care that makes the very best teachers. Overall, there is a very good relationship between students and teachers. Although, the relationship between students and peers is not the kind that is needed for a happy high school.
I like how our school doesn't have separate groups we all interact with each other. What i would like to see change is the limited choices we have in our school system and the structure of our school. It doesn't meet the students needs.
They have what all schools have now a days.
The counselor here is super helpful, and always knows what to do. Although she is new, she has taken to her job very well
The school quality is good, there really isn't anything to complain about. Everything works, and nothing is broken.
Meridian has helped me grow as a student, and I like how everybody knows everybody, and nobody really fits the stereotypical high school student. There is never any bullying, and nobody is really mean to other people
Our extracurricular activities such as band, UIL, etc.., are fun, and rewarding. Many students participate in UIL, and many get far in their events. I have been to state twice for Literary Criticism thanks to my UIL coach, and I know that many others will get far this year also.
Most teachers are very thorough, and are helpful with there teaching. There are a few that are more difficult to deal with, but not so difficult that you would fail the class. For the most part our teachers make learning fun, and easy.
Great community, not the best education
Administration was really helpful and understanding
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I felt a little prepared, but college is hard
Its a small town school, so not a lot of resourses
Facilities are old. Tehnology is outdated. COunseling is difficult to get.
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