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My experience with some of the teachers I have had has been wonderful. However, the lack of willingness to learn in this environment is sad. Parents are only involved when their kids get in trouble.
I only see a select few teachers that actually care more about a student’s work effort and grades than enforcing the unnecessary dress code. Some teachers strive to build bonds with students which strengthens the learning process.
It is a good school, they offer a lot of opportunities to take college classes , i just wish they would improve on student behavior.
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The 3 years I spent at Meridian High were definitely a roller coaster, I am proud to say I came from a school of opportuntity.
I had a great learning experience while there for all four years of high school. The teachers on the staff prepared me for college. The curriculum there will prepare students for whatever they want to do in life, whether it’s college, workforce or the military. The athletic department is known for sending student-athletes to two and four year institutions on academic and athletic scholarships.
It was a lot of activities to choose from! Also can have a jump start on certain careers. The choir which I was in was so awesome! The best part of my high school was the choir to me. The sports games were fun especially the basketball games. I was in TSA (Vice President) so that was fun too. Also the principal helped and cheer us on with everything we did! He would also come out and support us at competition the best he could. Some teachers were helpful and was caring.
An average high school but far from the best. Academic school average is way below what it should it’s a D/F average school. It has its good and bad things
Meridian High is a great school. They have great teachers, various sports, clubs, etc. I would like to see more teachers willing to teach the kids.
I came to Meridian High School in the 9th grade. It is a great learning experience. I've never had any major problems. It is very diverse and does not discriminate. I would highly reccomend Meridian High School. Although, the food is disgusting.
What i like about Meridian High School is the endless chances you get at a future. What i would like to see changed is the teachers and more pep rallies.
Meridian High School is a predominantly black school and is the only public high school that is within the city. A few things that I enjoy about my high school are the marching band, the incentives we receive for academic achievement, the connections we create with our teachers, and the culture. However, a few things I do not enjoy about my high school are the uniform policy, the lack of sharing opportunities for African American students, and majority of our education is focused on testing or reaching a certain test score. Meridian High School has taught me to enjoy and appreciate my culture more and achieve great things as a young African-American.
The band program is probably the best in the state, and there are amazing opportunities to start college before leaving the high school!
It’s alright. The students need to try harder. The teachers need to try when they teach instead of blaming everything on us.
It was days I was very excited about going. Then there were days I would be ready to go home. Overall I really am enjoying my experience at Mhs.
My experience at Meridian High has been helpful because I feel that they have prepared me for college and the workforce.
What i liked about Meridian High School was that the teachers always tried their best to do what needed to be done to help with students. What i would like to see change is the students putting in more effort to try harder and do what they need to pass and graduate.
Meridian High School is not the best high school to send you children to if you have a choice. Teachers do not that the freedom to teach how they would like, so it creates this problem of holding some students back from potential greatness and not being able to help those who need more help. The best parts of this High School are the extracurricular activities, such as: Sports, Band, Choir.
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I would like to see more programs developed to help with study soils and test taking strategies. Implementation of teacher student one-on -one guidance. I would like to have more parent involvement. The school itself is in need of more teacher assistant that help with homework of the students who are not at same level as others.
My overall experience with Meridian High School fluctuated during my time there. At first, I hated high school and everyone at the high school. Over time, the teachers and students helped me open up to everyone else. I became open-minded to different subjects that I initially rejected or accepted based on other people's experiences. The food was still pretty mediocre, but it was a public school. Academics were great if you put forth the effort to learn. The teachers helped out as much as they could during my time there, and I was sad to hear that most of my teachers are now retired. Security usually made sure that we were safe, but there were times that they were too late on the scene. The counselors made sure that students were ready for college or the workforce, and the administration handled their positions very well. Overall, I loved my experience at Meridian High School.
Meridian high is a different type of experience. It brings out your innermost character allowing you to be who you're truly are.
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