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My experience at Meridian High has been helpful because I feel that they have prepared me for college and the workforce.
What i liked about Meridian High School was that the teachers always tried their best to do what needed to be done to help with students. What i would like to see change is the students putting in more effort to try harder and do what they need to pass and graduate.
Meridian High School is not the best high school to send you children to if you have a choice. Teachers do not that the freedom to teach how they would like, so it creates this problem of holding some students back from potential greatness and not being able to help those who need more help. The best parts of this High School are the extracurricular activities, such as: Sports, Band, Choir.
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I would like to see more programs developed to help with study soils and test taking strategies. Implementation of teacher student one-on -one guidance. I would like to have more parent involvement. The school itself is in need of more teacher assistant that help with homework of the students who are not at same level as others.
My overall experience with Meridian High School fluctuated during my time there. At first, I hated high school and everyone at the high school. Over time, the teachers and students helped me open up to everyone else. I became open-minded to different subjects that I initially rejected or accepted based on other people's experiences. The food was still pretty mediocre, but it was a public school. Academics were great if you put forth the effort to learn. The teachers helped out as much as they could during my time there, and I was sad to hear that most of my teachers are now retired. Security usually made sure that we were safe, but there were times that they were too late on the scene. The counselors made sure that students were ready for college or the workforce, and the administration handled their positions very well. Overall, I loved my experience at Meridian High School.
Meridian high is a different type of experience. It brings out your innermost character allowing you to be who you're truly are.
Meridian High School is the best school to attend. My reason for saying this is because not only do they have people that will fully support you they are there every step of the way guiding you. I have been attending Meridian High School ever since my ninth grade year and every single year I have had excellent teacher and excellent grades. There is nothing that I would change about this school.
I really enjoyed the academic at Meridian High School the AP and Honors Courses offered. The best aspect that I enjoyed most was the dual enrollment program. By the time I graduate high school, I will have 28 dual enrollment college credits! They prepared me well I am looking forward to attending Mississippi State University in the fall.
Well Every Since I a Been Here In 2014 Meridian High School Have Been A Some good Environememt With Students And Teachers.
I’ve been at MHS 9-12 grade and my experience has been amazing. There is a very high diversity rate. MHS gets your ready for college and challenge you to further your education.
I love my high school cause of it's opportuities and has great student here that has acheived a lot going to state. Mhs is a great school and can help anybody succeed for college
I Think That , We As Students Deserve Great Teachers. We Have Great Students That Comes To School And Want To Learn, But We Also Have Teachers That Doesn’t Want To Teach. Some Teachers Are There For The Money. For Us To Be Great For The World, They Have To Prepare Us For The World.
I would like to see the school be safer. There are a lot of fights and threats. The teachers seem confuse at times, and most students are not prepared for the real world or college for that matter.
I had a great experience at Meridian High so far. Meridian High is a great school. They prepare your for the real world. They make sure your grades are good and make sure you meet the requirements to graduate with your class.
I would like more student events. I would like to go on college tours. I would like to have more chances for district and state wide events and conventions. I would like facility upgrades, computer upgrades, higher quality foods. I would like such things as homecoming dances
My experience with MHS overall has been great. Some of my current and previous teachers taught me valuable lessons that I will not forget. What I would like to see changed is the day seniors get out of school and some of the cafeteria food. Other than those, my experience has been great.
I have one child that has graduated, one that's about to graduate, and one that is still in school there. Overall , they have learned a lot and are on the right track toward college.
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Most of teachers are good. Great sports. Great choice of courses. Many advanced placement courses. Dual enrollment available with Meridian Community College.
Academics you don't learn anything you go over old concepts over and over and never learn anything new. Test are easy and open book or you can use your notes so no college preparatory what so ever.
Other races besides African Americans are not accepted into the school are bullied, picked on and run down. Culture is not a thing we all wear uniforms and they suck and we are picked on because of that reason also teachers don't do anything about the bullying, diversity there is none .
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