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The teachers at Meridian High are amazing compared to the other schools I have attended. The environment is friendly, and the school is welcoming, although a bit of a mess in terms of layout.
Meridian High School is overall a very good school. The new additions and construction have really modernized the place. The staff is great and the administration try their best to help in every way they can. Meridian is a growing school and at times it can seem crowded but once you get a feel for the school it's really not that bad. It's a lot of fun to be in an environment where people try to take you in like a tribe. Meridian really works at making sure people feel welcomed and safe.
The teachers are amazing and helped with every questioned I had. They get you to understand the core of the class. They have dual credit which has helped me with college.
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I love the school with the amazing teachers and the great education they give their students. I highly recommended enrolling your kids to this school.
At Meridian High you always feel welcomed. There wasn't a day that went by where I felt like I was out of place. Here I felt comfortable enough to try new things and I wasn't afraid to express myself. Hands down one of the best high schools in Idaho and it has the best spirit.
It honestly was not too good but not so bad. When I got there, not very many people reached out to me which I guess is fine but when I tried to reach out, they were one and done. They all had their friends and didn't care for anyone else really. The teachers only really care about themselves and not the kids, and the sports are terrible! As for clubs we have quite a bit but I never heard about them, and they have lots of diversity there! And stuco was not very good and announcing spirit week or anything important. I didn't even know who the senior class president was until graduation.
School spirit is rather special here, and the students are pretty easy to get along with. Seniors talk to freshmen, and vice versa. Everyone is a warrior here, and that's all that matters to us. There are alright honors and AP teachers here, some ARE really good though. However all teachers seem to want to be your friend, along with admin. Overall the vibe that you get here is unlike anything else
Meridian High takes pride in the education of their students. I have never seen a case of bullying go untouched once it was reported, and everyone is always happy in the halls. It's a wonderful place to be.
The teachers were probably the best part. Every single one I had looked at each student not as just a grade but a person and they really helps you learn
The environment was welcoming and accepting of everyone. We have some great teachers and programs. Go Warriors!
My high school experience was amazing due to the amount of tradition and spirit we had as a school! The staff is friendly and works with you personally to become a great student!
Meridian High School isn't like other high schools. There aren't any "cliques" or specific groups. Bullying is a low and everyone makes you feel very included.
i like the new renovations that left the school bigger and prettier. the teachers are really interested in your learning. they are very opened to students. thee is not a lot of diversity because it Idaho. there is a lot of Caucasians. the coaches are friendly, the students are pretty nice. lunch is ok.
I switched from a public charter school to Meridian High School during my junior year. I loved how they had a larger variety of electives. There were also more people instead of my previous graduating class of 20 seniors. I love how the classes are decently small and allow students to have time with the teacher if they need help.
I absolutely love the school spirit, team work in sports and the agriculture classes offered. The only down side of Meridian High School, is that my teachers (not including my agriculture teachers) have been very poor quality. They teach to the lowest student and don't expect much out of their students. You really have to push yourself individually to excel.
The food is really good. Lots of school sporting events, especially football. Lots of school clubs you can join if you aren't interested in sports.
The community is amazing. The teachers are amazing at their jobs and form a closer relationship with students that helps the students feel comfortable in their learning environments. The marching and jazz bands are also very fun. I enjoy participating in both and am enthusiastic about the challenges they present to those who participate in them.
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I really enjoyed my experience at Meridian High. The teachers were all great and the overall atmosphere at the school was awesome. It was a good place to go to high school and to get a quality education.
I was blessed for having so many great teachers and a fun, tight-knit community of students. I enjoyed being able to take many AP and honors courses, allowing me to stretch myself academically. I also appreciated being able to participate in multiple extracurricular activities through the school, such as National Honor Society and yearbook.
Meridian High is just finishing up an awesome remodel and looks awesome. There's a class for everyone there and if they don't have it you can bus to a different school that does have it. It has all the tools you need to go above and beyond if you want, or to just stay in some of the lower classes for a good time. It's academics aren't the best ever but if you're motivated you can do anything here you could somewhere else.
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