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My favorite thing about the school is the sense of family. I also enjoy the school spirt. I enjoy the fact that most of my teachers care about my plans after high school and want me to succeed.
I've grown up here. Gone to Meridian my entire life. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.
The students are either great or horrible. Community opinion takes precedent over student well-being. Most staff is very understanding and seems to work towards a better school in the future.
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I enjoyed some of my time at meridian. However there were some things that weren't very great for me. I didn't feel very prepared for college once I got there and I got bullied throughout school and didn't feel that the faculty was there for me.
Bullying isn't prominent here. We have rude people but only a few people are actually mean. We just got a school nurse this year. We don't have very many health programs available for us. The school is safe just because we are a small town and don't see much issues. But our school in general doesn't take too many safety precautions.
We have a few clubs and organizations you can join. Most are fun and do a good job at getting students involved. There are different sports to join and its easy to join if you want to. We have a lot of support for these organizations whether its from faculty, students, and parents.
My experience at this school has been nice. I love the support that we get from parents and staff. One of my favorite things to experience was the school play we just had. We had a full house for both nights and everyone in the community came and supported my classmates on stage. I feel like we are unique in that way. We are a small school so we know everyone. I think I would chose to do it all again.
There are several teachers at Meridian who go above and beyond to help their students. Most of them are very knowledgeable and are good at what they do. There are a few that struggle with communicating with the students. As if the teachers are older and don't know how to interest students of our generation. Most of the teachers do a decent job though. All of our teachers are consistent with their grading.
Good options for classes, good teachers
Great sports/ sport crowds.

Good clubs and peer support
Love the school spirit, student comradery....Great Mayhem
I feel that I have received a good education from Meridian School district. Good rapore with the teachers and students
Sports are the only important activities, lacks diversity, no AP classes
Brand new gym, which is really nice. School spirit is average.
Lots of sports like golf, basketball, volleyball. Not a lot of clubs.
Students are not allowed to wear leggings or yoga pants. No tanks or strapless shirts. None of this is enforced though.
No AP or honors classes. Only one foreign language class. Not very challenging classes. Not much variety in classes, just the basics.
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We don't have a school nurse. As far as safety many kids have walked into the school at midnight to get a book and the school's unlocked. Fifty-fifty if you can enter the school during the day. We;re not in a bad neighborhood though. No serious threats.
Average peer pressure. Pretty closed-minded, lots of cliques.
Given choice of served meal or PBJ. Some sides like cookies, chips, yogurt, and poptarts. I bring my lunch 99% of the time. Probably not that healthy, definitely not that appealing. I will say the staff in the cafeteria works as hard as they can though.
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