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Meridian High School Reviews

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The academics at Meridian are good for students.
The safety and health is very kept up at Meridian.
There are a lot of organizations here at Meridian. Student Council, Future Business Leaders of America, M-PIE are few of the organizations. After school activities involve sports.
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We only have one gym so the practices are really inconvenient sometimes and practices can run really late which gets in the way of time for homework and studies
It was a good experience just thought it would be a little different.
The teachers at this school help students succeed everyday!
Most of the factors are great, I have gotten along with a lot of the students and they are easy to get along with but teachers are hard to deal with sometimes, along with the staff.
Only a few teachers are flexible and understanding. Also only a few teachers are available after school hours.
A policy in the handbook is no skirts shorter than the tips of your fingers. Unless you have long legs, like I do, you will be told not to wear a skirt to school every again, even though it is long enough. The rules are tough on some kids and other do whatever they want. It isn't consistent.
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