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It's okay. Extracurricular programs find themselves a little lacking. There are a lot of poor teachers that I don't think are noticed by the administration.
school is defiantly in a rural type area. Few occasions of racism. sports and athletic department are outstanding. students are well trained. not much of student-teacher relationships.
I haven't really stepped foot inside the High School, but my brother did, and he has a lot of good experiences there. Good music and sports program I would say. My brother is also in a competitive academic program when going to this school.
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Meridian High School is a relatively small country school out in Whatcom County, Washington. The teachers are personable, some of the best in the state. Most have graduated from Meridian themselves, or have grown up in Bellingham, Lynden, or Ferndale. I am a running start student, so I only have one class: AP Biology with Andrea Ames. She has taught me for almost 7 consecutive years, and is one of the reasons I am choosing to pursue a career in science.
Pretty good school. Voted Best Ag Program in the state! Most of the teachers are caring and want you to succed.
classes make students think and participate in disscussions
Moslty white but with many hispanics and punjabi students. also has a gay club with members
The FFA chapters is one of the best in the state placing in multiple CDEs
MHS is a small school that lets students know each other
most of the teachers at MHS work hard to ensure student success but not all of them try that hard
It really is a great school. While it is small, it is still big enough to get a variety of students and it has really good academics. Given the choice, I would always choose to come here.
The food is not necessarily bad but it is not the best either. The Kitchen staff are always there to help and do their best to provide for any dietary accommodations.
The administration is great. They are helpful and kind and are there to help you with whatever you need at any time.
The teachers are awesome. The do a good job with covering the material needed in the class and they teach the lesson in a fun and engaging way.
There are lots of opportunities but because it is a small school most of the extracurricular activities are on the small side and many people participate in multiple activites.
Most students of our school are involved in at least one club. We have a wide range of clubs from FFA to Mock Trial to honor society. Many interests and represented by the many clubs available. And many of these club leaders are dedicated teachers, which can be interesting for students to get to know their teachers better in another atmosphere. These clubs are great for developing skills. Students can develop their thinking with chess, increase their leading abilities in leadership or international club, or develop narrow skills such as flower arranging or photography or cooking.
Meridian is an extremely safe school. We recently built an entirely new high school with locking gates and doors, security cameras, and systems for evacuation. Students participate in routine drills and are familiar with the closed campus rules which include buzzing in to the office ladies to enter the school. Our school is very well monitored and only seconds away from a police outpost on the other side of the parking lot.
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I feel that our food options are good, but not the best. There are always options during lunch - salads, parfaits, and pizza - besides the main dish of the day. But such options offer little variety and sometimes too little or poor quality. Snack choices are also overpriced. For students to pay so much for so little seems extreme for students to pay. But the staff of the kitchen do the best they can. They serve everyone equally and with a pleasant attitude.
Our school has great staff. The principal is present throughout day to day activities: welcoming students in the morning, hanging out in the lunch room, and supervising classes. He is very approachable and willing to communicate with any issues that correlate with his position. Our guidance counselors are the same way. They offer emotional as well as academic support. They provide valuable information,and make school life much easier when needed. The office staff fits this mold as well. They are always available for help and foster strong relationships with many students.
Most of our school's teams do well performance-wise. Our track, cross-country, and girls soccer make it to state every year, with other sports trailing close behind. Sadly, our school does not have swim team or tennis team because of a lack in courts/ pools. However, many students identify with the sports we do offer and can receive financial aid with fees and supplies. Our sports are also very welcoming. New players will find acceptance and help in learning the game; they receive the same attention as other "seasoned" players.
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