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Meridian Early College High School Reviews

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Meridian Early College Highschool has a great environment. The teachers and other staff members care a lot about their students and provide what they need to succeed. With the early college opportunities it really opens the students eyes to something different and gets them ready and prepared for when they graduate.
I liked Meridian's devotion to helping kids start a pathway towards secondary education. I am also very thankful to the staff for always being willing to help me out and answer any questions that I had. The Dean of Students and the Principal were always friendly to me and really helped me to feel prepared for college. I also am very thankful for the opportunities that were provided for me to participate in student council, theatre, talent shows and our robotics team.
I think this is a very good school, especially with all of their opportunities for college readiness. The culture here is very good and students and staff are very involved. The campus is nice and clean. The sports are decent, but could use more options.
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Meridian Early College High School doesn't have very many kids, so the teacher to student is much lower than other schools around the area, which is great for individual student help. Most, if not all teachers are very helpful there and make learning fun for all.
What I liked about Meridian Early College was all of the opportunities that they provided for their students. As students we could co-op, be a teachers assistant, dual enroll, and go to Bay-Arenac Career Center. I also liked how well you got to know each teacher and each teacher wanted you to succeed.
Going to Meridian was different from most high schools. This school is a new tech school, so we are projected based and student lead. This has been a good experience throughout the four years because we have got to be involved in the community with the projects we do and it helped me retain information better by learning through projects. This school has also let the junior and senior class dual enroll to get college credits as well which is a good start to college.
I enjoyed my years at Meridian. My favorite had to have been the early college program that allowed me to get a head start on my college education. Opportunities like that are what made Meridian stand out from other schools and people at my university are often impressed that I came into my first year of university as a sophomore.
There's plenty of activities todo before, after and during. However, I wish I would have gotten involved in them because they looked like a lot of fun and were of to my intrest, but I didn't get involved because I was just to shy. I didn't come out of my "shy shell" fast enough. I was a late bloomer to that.
I like this school because they went more towards a tech school. Meaning that everything is done over the computers. Text books are bought online and an online library. More projects are being done in school to help students get involved with one another and get to know them each.
The teachers in my high school are the ones that truly helped mold me for who I am today. For example, freshman year I had an English teacher and she noticed I was struggling so she had me stay after class and she gave me one piece of advice to help pass every class I would have. Her advice was that if I new my vocabulary, I would have no problem getting through any of my classes. From that day on I studied my words and enhanced my vocabulary. To this day I thank her.
Our school is lacking in health and safety. There is not a school nurse bout school does not have guards or random contraband checks. But my school is very small and if somebody has something, people find out quick. I feel very safe at Meridiand and not once felt threatened or in danger.
The after school activities at my school are great. My favorite would the the robotics team. This team is led by two teachers in the school, and it is great because it teaches students so much while being fun. This class gives many opportunities like scholarships and amazing chances to travel.
My expire nice and Meridian so far has been amazing. If I was to do t all over, no doubt I would chose this school. So far, I have tried my hardest to be involved in activities like sports and clubs, and these were amazing expire cars for me. The students at this school are so encouraging of each other. This school is very unique because of its small community, every knows everybody at this school. We are called one big "family" and it is truly great.
The teachers at my school are very friendly and easy to approach. Many and most of my teachers are very understanding about things like grades. For example, when a student is struggling, my teachers will go beyond of what they have to in order to help the student catch back up. The communication between the teachers and the students is great, I love being able to talk to my teachers as humans, and being able to bond and have conversations with them. It helps when your teachers are your friends too. The teachers at Meridian are easy to talk to if you have a problem. Most of my teachers are very interest in the students lives, and interested in helping them do their very best in school.
Our school doesn't have a strong security system because we don't need it. Students are respectful and don't bring weapons to school. The drugs might be an issue, but no one gets violent about it, so it's never really been a problem to me. Our teachers don't have to wear identification tags because our school is small, so there are only a few teachers and all are easily recognizable. Visitor sign-ins are required however, and all visitors wear a visitor tag.
The extracurriculars are not great, but they are not horrible either. The sports extracurriculars really depend on the coach kind of like the other clubs depend on the mentors. Most of our clubs, I would say, are student led, with a teacher/adult there to babysit.
I love my school. We have recently implemented a new learning style called New Tech. It's all about giving students the technology and tools to enable them for the future. We do a lot of projects and interact with our community a ton. Our school has also recently become an early college. Due to our early college program, I get to go to our local community college and earn college credits. By the time I graduate, I could have an associates degree.
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My teachers are all great. Anytime that I ask for help, I know my teachers will be there to help me.
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