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My experience at Meridian has been good. The teachers pay attention to each individual student. At Meridian, we do a lot of projects.
Meridian is responsible for making me the person who I am in so many ways. Looking past the fact that I feel like I was overprepared for anything expected of me in college, the faculty at Meridian foster a community that encourages curiosity and caring for each other in ways that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
Meridian is a great school if you want to be connected to your peers and teachers. The academics are very strong in Humanities, less in math and science.
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My time at Meridian has shaped me positively in so many ways, both emotionally and academically. At Meridian, students have a voice—we can freely express ourselves, question the world around us, and engage in dialogue with our teachers. In addition, I feel that Meridian has prepared me very well for college and life beyond school. I have learned how to write, think critically, participate in academic discourse, and be a responsible and compassionate member of a community.
After attending a few different types of schools throughout Boston (public and private), I have never seen a more supportive, kind, and thoughtful school vibe. It is a place where teachers encourage thoughtful discourse, creative expression, and active community involvement. Meridian is truly special.
When I first came to this school, I did not ever want to leave. With time I, of course, realized it is still a high school and I still will enjoy graduating but only to go into the world and use what Meridian gave me; a sense of self, a constant and growing curiosity, and a strong and powerful voice.
The teachers at Meridian Academy are some of the most hardworking people you'll ever meet. It is clear in their teaching that they really care about the students. They give meticulous edits on their students work over and over again until their students completely understand the subject at hand, and they are more than happy to schedule a meeting if the student is still having trouble with the content or simply wants to ask more questions then they had time for in class. These teachers are also incredibly welcome to comments and even advice from their students on how to better their teaching. At least once a year students evaluate how their teachers are doing in class (and though they are often glowing) the teachers do their best to incorporate the evaluations into their teaching. They are some of my favorite people and I could never say that about a teacher before coming to this school.
We recieve accurate, frequent, and up to date information on topics like sex education, bullying prevention, and personal safety. Although we are located in Boston, I feel safe during all school hours of the day at our Jamaica Plain location. I also felt safe at our previous location in Brookline.
The arts extracurricular opportunities in particular are top notch. PAA (Performing Arts and Activism) is incredible and often coordinates with Band to create a wonderful production. Since Meridian is a small and fairly young school, athletic extracurriculars are not as prevalent but any club can be created with enough student interest; Meridian teachers are more than willing to help new committees, clubs, and extracurriculars come to life. In fact, they encourage it and regularly ask what the student body would be interested in adding to Meridian.
The intense sense of community combined with amazing teachers, engaged students, and incredibly interesting content make Meridian like no other place. I've watched Meridian grow from 34 students to in the 70s over the course of five years and even though I still have one year to go I know I will never forget Meridian or the things it has taught me both in and outside of the classroom. It's the type of place where I could go back in 15 years and the teachers would still remember me (not that I ever plan of losing touch with Meridian).
Meridian teachers never fail to exceed expectations when it comes to engaging and thorough learning material, various explanations of class content, creative project ideas, overall engagement and genuine care for students, as well as an overall distinct interest in the school as a whole.
There are several different extracurriculars offered such as Model UN for both high school and middle school students, a multi-genre band, Yearbook Committee, theater group, outdoors club, computer programming and others. It is also very easy to start a club over your own with some interest. You will always have a faculty advisor there for support. Everyday the school is also open to receive help from teachers on whatever needed.
Administration at Meridian is run incredibly well and extremely organized.
I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to challenge their understand of how we learn and how we are taught. Unfortunately in most schools things cannot be explored in ways we wish them to be, but Meridian allows you (more like strongly encourages you) to push those boundaries and ask questions. Coming from a large school, I was terrified to be in such a small environment, but that drawback was a benefit in disguise. Suddenly everyone from 6th grade to 12th grade was mixed in this melting pot of wanting to learn. Teachers are more mentors and want you to succeed no matter what the price. Each time I question my decision of choosing a school with no grades (a major challenge) I remember that Meridian taught me look at who the person is, rather than what letter defines them.
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