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Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School Reviews

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Very good academic wise. But i came for cosmetology and the teachers don't seem to be helping me build up to my possible potential. It seems like all they care about is me passing state board so that the overall school looks good but i still feel unprepared for real life task.
Overall, I'd give Mervo 4/5 stars, just because I enjoyed my time there. The school could still use a bunch of improvement in many different areas, though.
It's kinda dirty but most of the teachers really care about their students but it's very unsafe walking home and I feel like the lunches could be better but it is a good learning environment and I could get certified for a trade of my choice
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I love Mergenthaler vocational-technical High school because it is a place where you can learn great knowledge but be yourself at the same time. My school lets you express yourself , the teachers are very helpful and the staff overall are understanding and kind. Mergenthaler has many great activities, sports and clubs you can join. Meeting new people at mergenthaler every day makes my day. I look forward to coming to school to learn new and exciting things with my great classmates. Over the years I have attended Mergenthaler I have learned so many things that will not only help me in college but will help me in life as well. Mergenthaler is an excellent school to attend !
Mervo is a great school. It gives students a chance to pick a career and once you graduate, you will be able to go work.
My experience at Mervo has been overall good , it has given me a chance to go right in the direction of my grade if I don't decide to go to college . The learning I get from there is good and when I need help most of the time I can go to my teachers for coach class. Although I don't play any sports I've been to a basketball and football game up there and were pretty exciting to watch . I've given thought on what I want to do when I get out of high school but I dont have a focus like a major. My major at Mervo is auto collison but I dont know if I want to do that when I get out of high school. Thanks for listening.
Upon attending this school I have learned a lot. This school has taught me how to think, communicate, and respect others. They had awesome teacher who were willing to stay late to ensure that students had clarity on the content of what was being taught.
I liked having fun on the wrestling team and enjoyed talking with my friends. As much as I enjoyed these things, there are other things I thought could be improved. The teachers were relaxed on making sure we thoroughly understood the curriculum, other staff members were average at making sure our school was safe. There was an incident where a few outsiders entered our school with knives looking for a particular student in which they found and proceeded to stab him. This didn't make me feel safe at all, but other than that incident it was a pretty decent school to attend.
Mervo ( short term for the school) has prepared me in numerous ways. Growth, mentally and physically I've learned how to become independent and depend on no one but myself when it comes to work and getting things done.
Well for starters I would to see there be more teachers who actually try and teach students. Also, they shouldn't allow students to treat school like a jungle and only except those who care for education. While their I had a wonderful experience with quite a few teacher who taught me a lot of things. These things encourage me daily to strive to make more of my self. Though some of those teachers have left their words never left my ears.
I did like the experience I had here at Mervo. I made great friends and tons of good but also bad memories. The teacher will sometimes get to you with the way they act but then you have the teachers who will try to be there for you no matter what because they care about their students and they can tell sometimes if they are having a really good day or a day where they don't be bothered by anything or anyone. I would change though the way some people treat each other in this school though and how students attack teachers like teachers attack students. It could be violent by going physical or verbal but still it could hurt someone deeply.
My experience at mervo was great because it was a trade school. It gives you a chance to learn things that you might want to do or get further knowledge of it as a career one day. My trade was baking and there's other trade like culinary, nursing, welding , Cisco, child care etc. I'm great full for the lesson I learned and now I can take what I learned further and start my career. And that's why I feel that you can enjoy the experience to one day.
SchedulING could be a little easier and they should have courses online
Once again, they could be doing better
They could be doing much better.
They should have as much support for the Excu's as they do sports
The parents weren't the best, but when you found those few good ones, you were set
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Just like most schools, it isn't perfect. There are some bad teachers and bad classes, but for the most part it's a good school.
i feel as when it comes to everyone health and safety the school is always prepared and on it.
its fun and complaints
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