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Meredosia-Chambersburg High School Reviews

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This school is so small that nothing ever happens. We usually have a yearly drug search with dogs and police and we also use that as our hard lockdown drill. We have cameras but they are hardly ever on. Bullying is not very prominent and when it does happen it is just name calling in a light form and teachers are informed and stop it.
There are absolutely no clubs here! Only student council and that is nothing fun. We only plan dances and things. I wish there were a few clubs here!!!
I love this school. We are all so close. We live in a small town so we are all basically one big family.
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I love the teachers here. They are almost like family!
Everyone is white, straight, and either christians or pretend to be. Being of different religion and sexuality than everyone else is very hard, i rarely talk to my friends about my sexuality and never about my religion.
I feel as if i will not be prepared for college at the level of academics i am in right now.
They dont really do much about bullying. There should be far more drug sweeps. Security cameras should be used at all times, often they are off.
Our band has a few very committed members but then it also has the members who would rather sit in the closet and pout than play the part they are given. They force students to stay after school for a 30 minute "study session" if they are failing, which does almost no good whatsoever, and if students skip it, there are absolutely no repercussions.
Honestly, I don't agree with the principals of this school. "Yes, Lets put all of our money toward cameras and chromebooks and upgrades and the sports programs but the minute the band program asks for a little assistance, its 'we dont have the money for that'."
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