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Upon entering Mercyhurst Prep my freshman year, I can truly say it has prepared me for all life has to offer beyond high school. My four years here has taught me more than any other facility could’ve, and I feel confident in my future knowing I’m beyond prepared. Being biracial, I would love to see more things done to truly act out their mission as to embracing diversity, and more student involvement with the international student program. The IB program is incredibly academically challenging and an incredible option for those wishing to expand their knowledge even further. Mercyhurst has incredible school spirit, impeccable academics, a beyond welcoming faculty, and courses tweaked to fit each individual in some way. The resources promoted to develop our youth are done so in an encouraging manner and is inspiring to all. Mercyhurst Prep is definitely one of the most beneficial schools I’ve come into contact with and is definitely one I’m thankful for experiencing firsthand.
I believe that MPS provided a great education and experience overall. Only a handful of my classmates did not choose to go onto a 4 year college/university. However; our educators in the hard sciences were a bit lacking. MPS is more humanities focuses.
The ciriculum at Mercyhurst is very difficult but I feel like it will make me very prepared for college, so the hard work is worth it!
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I love this school. The teachers care about the students like family. The students are nice and accepting. Everyone there is willing to help you and prepare you for your next steps.
MPS had an excellent academic program that has consistently allowed its student to excel once they arrive at any university. It has programs for all students to get involve in and has a good sports program
Mercyhurst Prep is an excellent high school to attend to prepare you for future studies at a University or College. The faculty an staff are extremely knowledgeable and always available for extra help if needed. The environment is clean and modern with many new updates. The students are friendly and welcoming. Everyone can find their place to fit in at MPS. Four years well spent!
Mercyhurst Preparatory School gave me such an amazing high school experience. Preparing me for college, fantastic teachers and staff, and giving me the opportunity to take International Baccalaureate courses are just three reasons why Mercyhurst was exceptional in giving me a higher level of education. It was more than just a school, it was a loving community, filled with people who all supported me and my academic journey.
Such an incredible school! The teachers are very educated in their subject and do so much to prepare you for college.
Such an amazing high school, incredibly challenging but such an incredible atmosphere. High school will be the best four years of my life because of my mercyhurst family.
I love Mercyhurst! It’s a great school and has amazing academics, sports, clubs, art, performing arts, and much more!
It is a very nice school that allows you to focus on acedemics and extracurricular activities while living out the mercy charisms.
I took challenging courses and had alot of choices.. arts, sciences, music, theatre, math, computer, design, history, english, peer leadership, world religions and ethics! A lot of clubs and varsity sports and classes at local universities with a lot of community and charity work.. pushed me to constantly challenge myself with lots of school spirit and pride..
Great academics and easy to form good relationships with teachers. Everyone is very involved in what is going on at the school. However, the student body is not the most enthusiastic and I wish it was more exciting. Overall, I have really enjoyed my experience here.
I found Mercyhurst a compelling academic experience, with teachers ready to help their students. The greatest disappointment was the social aspect of it- I was constantly rejected by most of the student and for the most of the year felt extremely lonely. I also found them alienating, as they were not acting according to the school's mission statement and were bullying me because of my special interest that felt foreign to them and so they abused the greatest stereotype related to that special interest. From the social standpoint I would only recommend MPS to the ones who waste their entire days on the Snapchat or whatever thing they are using on the phones they are always staring at. I felt sad most of the year and was very depressed and I failed to appreciate any other activities it had to offer. International students felt alienating and divided by national groups, I was the only person who came from my country was on my own the whole time.
At my school you can choose to be anything or everything you want to be. MPS has a number of activities and clubs to be a part of. Our school is a catholic school, but you don’t need to be religious at all. Our priest is so incredibly kind and loving like all of the teachers are. They will do whatever it takes to help you to succeed. They know what we do well and what needs improvement, and they won’t stop until we do improve. Mercyhurst has such a 'family' environment and no one feels left out. Everyone has each others' backs and is included. I never would have thought I’d be involved in so much or that I’d have the confidence to try new things. Mercyhurst was by far the best decision I’ve ever made.
I've honestly had a really good experience here. The people are generally nice, the teachers are phenomenal, and the IB Diploma Programme is incredibly rewarding. One thing I will say is that the workload tends to be a little overwhelming at times.
A wide variety of offerings to meet the students needs.
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Best school in our area. Kids are accepting of one another and embrace each others differences.
I owe my great experience at this school the the people I met there. I did not know one person starting the year and finished the year with new best friends. The football games were exciting, the rec center is incredible, and the area surrounding the school provides an array of activities to do and places to eat. The one area I was not satisfied with at all was the meal plan that all freshman must purchase. The food variety and quality were very poor, yet, the meal plan was very expensive.
After completing my first year at the University of Cincinnati, I was pleased with the professors I had. I am not sure if I lucked out with the professors or if they are all just that good. My ray of professors were approachable, intelligent, and caring. I began first semester in Fashion Design and I will say that the professors were not consistent with grading. However, second semester I did not notice that in Finance. Overall, I would not change a thing about my experience this year.
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