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Mercy Vocational High School Reviews

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I like Mercy because of their shops and their curriculum. My passion is Pastry Arts and their Culinary program is preparing me for my next destination which is The Restaurant School. The skills I'm learning will set me apart from others because my teacher has years of experience and she makes sure each student is comfortable with the material before moving on to something else.
My experience with mercy was life changing I never knew how important it was to help others.Im also very proud that I will be a certified nursing assistant as I graduate my senior year thanks to everyone at mercy for believing in me
I really enjoyed the shops that Mercy has. What change I would like to see is the staffs active involvement. While my academic experience was very smooth, my experience with my classmates was horrible. They misbehaved and joked about racism. No staffs would bother to correct them. I brought it up to the administration and they even promised me they would handle it. Nothing happened.
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I had a great experience at my high school. They are very always willing to help you even after we graduate they send out emails to keep in the small mercy circle. It's like a big family and they try to keep everyone updated on what is going on and when there is a alumni event going on where you can meet up with your old classmates.
I would like more emphasis on college preparatory. You do learn skills that prepare you for the workplace but now college degrees are a requirement for most careers.
What I like about Mercy is that you can be certified in the trade that you choose. Which will be great for job interviews and collage applications.
I am currently a senior at Mercy Vocational High School. Throughout my four years at this school I must say that my experience was fun and life changing. Since my school is small you get the chance to talk to those you barely notice when you walk down the hallway. But since Mercy Vocational has a lot of diversity, I got to learn some new languages and got to make new friends who come from different country than me. My school has so many activities that students can become involved in like sports or being apart of a bake sale or becoming a student ambassador. One of the best things about my school is that we have career shops. Such as Cosmetology, Business, Building Trades, Nursing, and etc. My school prepares you for the work force but also for what to expect when we go to college. They give young students a chance to make a difference and try new experiences and that is why I love my school Mercy Vocational High School.
Most students wouldn't admit how good your school was. At Mercy vocational High school, I became the top 10% in my class. Mercy taught me new skills that I can bring into the workforce. The train you in a way into developing a career. They teacher the basics, and some advanced courses in the shop you pick. Some can even get their certification before evening going to college. I would recommend anyone to go to Mercy because they will become a fily to you.
Prepares you for the working world, and gices you an idea on what you might want to do if you go to college.
There's always room for improvement but a lot needs to be done.
There's a lot available for students with varying interests.
This school gave me more opportunities that I wouldn't be able to have anywhere else.
There's always room for improvement but they're overall okay.
the unique thing about mercy vocational high school is we was taught a trade
the teachers at mercy are very helpful when you need them my favorite teacher is sister barber
classes are good, principle etc. are rude
We'll they do give out free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and if your allergic to any of the ingredient that is found in it you must tell the principle so stay they can change it just for that one student. If you want to buy food they have vending machines which sell chips, sodas, and candies. Another vending machine has cheesesteaks and chicken with fries. They're okay it's not the best thing in the world it's food.
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I feel that the teachers we had were amazing, I felt that they really cared for us. They helped us whenever they could, they would most of the times change their plans and help you before school or after just so you can get things straight and progress and get better grades.
In some of the bathrooms you don't really get hot water. We don't have air conditioners but we have fans and they work pretty well. Besides that everything else is fine.
Well truth be told, I can't say that I don't feel ready for college but I know for a fact that Mercy Vocational doesn't really prepare us for college. They prepare us to get a job after we graduate. The classes were all pretty good.
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