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I have been going to Mercy School Institute since I was in 6th grade and now I'm honored to represent my school as a graduating senior. Although we are small school, barely 300 students, they have treated us as family since day one. Since we are a Muslim based school, They have taught me a side to my religion that I would have not learned it better anywhere else. Everyday they encourage us to go out in the community and show the world that we are proud America Muslim leaders. If it was not for this school and all their efforts in wanting each student to strive to do their best academically, I would have never been the person I am today. Mercy School is not just a place to just take your core classes and leave home, it is a place where half my memories were created, were I found my best friends, where we take part in school activities, where we learned from and loved our teachers, and where we take all our knowledge with us in the future and remember how much this school did for us.
I loved how everyone treated each other like family. We always helped one another. I wouldn't change a single thing.
I really liked that Mercy School was a close-knit community. Everyone felt like my own and they were very nice. I would like to see the rules change a bit and be equal for everyone.
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The administration and teachers work tirelessly to ensure all students are getting the best academic, social, and emotional experience. The school has built a wonderful and strong partnership with all Mercy families which not only benefits the students but the community at large.
The school is the best place for my children. They are accredited and have such a nice STEAM curriculum. I love how they always bring in guest speakers in science. They also bring in elected officials to talk to the students. I’m impressed with the cleanliness, safety, and beautiful atmosphere. I appreciate how the teachers go out of their way and are extremely qualified. They keep the tuition very reasonable. It’s actually quite low for a private school. The students win competitions, volunteer in the community, and are great role modes. I’m proud to have my kids in Mercy School. Go Mercy!
As a parent, I love the quality of education and the great environment. The school is clean, the teachers are highly educated, and there are many opportunities to get involved like soccer, quiz bowl, MIST, and more. Their tuition is a fraction of other private schools and the education is among the best.
They don't have any sports and barely have clubs. It is ghetto, you always have to be scared of putting your bag on the floor because when you pick it up it usually has dirt and dust on it. The education is barely bordering on decent. The books are decades old and the technology is outdated and they need everyone to volunteer to give money, yet they take almost as much money as Cassidy. But the community and the students are nice enough.
I love the nurturing environment and the superior academics. As a parent, I am extremely happy with what the school offers my children. They are supported to become leaders who will greatly contribute to society.
I have been a student in this school for 9 years now and am very disappointed by this institution. I want to clarify to you all that this is from a Muslim point of view. Education is pretty good, but that is not my concern. The only and only reason I came to this school was to get Islamic Standards in a school. Instead, all I got was an institution which was half strict on the religion. The school promises its students "who upon graduation will be ambitious yet responsible, competitive yet caring, practical yet reflective, open minded yet principled, motivated yet focused and progressive yet aware."Yet, I don't see this in most students in most students in Mercy School. The school also promises to cultivate personalities, but that doesn't happen. Just today, a student got called after class for advocating his opinion. I wish I could talk more but the character limit. Just know this school is not worth it. Just go to ICO while going to public school. Go to Masjid. Thanks for reading.
I have been going here for quite some time. I really like the environment. I like how close everyone is and how we all get along. It is very much like my family.
Soap in the restrooms. Crazy how there is not actual soap when we are taught to be clean, islamically and physically. Overall a good school with a great ambition but I feel like there could be a lot of changes. The teachers for example, they need to be there for us and help us. Not just give an assignment and expect us to do it without clear direction. Not saying everyone does that but many do. Alhamdullailah they really do try to make our lives better for the better, but I feel like the changes that need to be made should be spoken in person and through students to the teachers and board members.
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