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Mercy High School enriches the lives of young women to pursue their education in the best environment possible. Qualities teachers and instructors become close with students and families to know what’s best for your child.
I absolutely love Mercy. As an 8th grader, it wasn't my first choice as a high school I wanted to go to. However I did end up choosing Mercy and it's different from other high schools, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I've grown to love it and it's home.
The school is very welcoming and tries to make everybody feel like they are at home. The teachers are available whenever if you are struggling with an assignment, and they also try to be flexible.
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A high school experience is the understanding of basic life skills for college, and some some for life. However, not every high school system is the same which can be the most frustrating part. The thing that I would change within my high school experience would be the academic structure; which should consist of testing through the semester instead of homework.
It is a nice and warm community overall when I came to this school. I love the teachers and students here. When I became a junior, a new principal came and the administration office upset us & many excellent teachers left. Luckily my counselor, teachers & classmates are really really nice people. LOVE them.
Mercy High School has a smaller class whcih is very empowering because the teachers are able to help students individually. The gym and the block schedule were my favorite part about Mercy because the gym is very large, modern, great architecture, and lots of natural lighting. As for the block schedule, It was very flexible and allowed more time to learn with an hour and a half class periods and allowed two days to do homework.
Overall, the curriculum was great but any problems I've ever encountered throughout my four years is due to the faculty.
I'm currently a sophomore at mercy and I can say that this school is one of the best. The teachers are awesome! I would like to see more variety in classes though.
Mercy has been a great experience for me. I grew so much as a woman, I've became more independent and a strong believer of women's equality. I participated in many things, such as sports and student government. I have also made great friends.
some of the faculty here don't really care a lot about the students. i know that can be said about any school really, but students have gone the the administration about this and they haven't don't much about it.
I absolutely love Mercy High School. Located in the heart of San Francisco, everywhere you turn, you see someone of a different background and you learn from everyone. It is so diverse that it is one of the main reasons why I chose to attend this institution. The teachers here are so understanding and it is obvious that the administration is on the side of their students. Teachers stay after hours to help their students thrive and give them every opportunity to showcase their skills and talents. My school has the best school spirit in the entire bay area. With rallies and assemblies multiple times a month, it's no wonder why girls desire to attend. The young women here that attend truly shine in the classrooms without having to compete with boys. We can truly be ourselves and empower one another. We can change the world, and by doing so, it starts with Mercy San Francisco.
I have been involved in my high school over three consecutive years. I always enjoyed the school spirit in our rallies and assemblies that we had. I had the pleasure to be involve in certain things, however, I wanted to be involved in more activities. I have developed good relationships with friends and a few teachers. The one thing I would recommend is the preparation for college. I have been visiting colleges at the counseling department since my freshmen year. However, I feel that it would have been more helpful if our counselors pushed us more or challenged us to complete our college applications by the second month of senior year .I know it is an individual responsibility, but, I wanted senior year to go smooth, but,it was not. Now, I am not saying that I didn't enjoy my educational experience at Mercy, I am very lucky to attend a private school and recieve an education. There is just an improvement.
I don't have to try super hard to fit in. There is a place for everyone. WE have a beautiful gym. There are teachers here that will go above and beyond to help you if you just ask. You know everyone in your class. Not too big, but not too small. Classes are small and interactive, but not too much pressure. It is very 'chill', yet strong. Counseling department could be much better. Food is increasingly pricy, but tasty.
Applying to high school, Mercy High School was my last choice and was not excited in attending this school. However, through the people I have met here, I am glad that this is where I have spent the past three years and will be graduating from this coming year.
Lots of opportunities for a diverse arrangement of classes and extracurriculars especially for a smaller school. Very involved in the community and service oriented.
Sometimes teachers don't know what's going on outside of school and that can get serious. But overall in school the counselors are great.
There are a few extracurriculars that loo fun, but I wish there were more appealing for others.
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I have completed my first year at mercy and loved it. All the friends I made were completely supportive of me and I can't wait to make more.
I think all the teachers are very nice and educational.
There's a lot of things the school is unaware about
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